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Software Testing Outsourcing: Top Services, Benefits, Risks

An essential part of the software development process, testing allows you to catch software bugs and other issues before the product is released. While this process can be time-consuming and expensive, software testing outsourcing can help you cut costs without compromising testing quality. In this article, we’ll explain what software testing outsourcing is and highlight 20 commonly outsourced testing services.


How to write an actionable bug report (free template to get started)

We can all agree bugs are a problem. They affect your customers' experience with your software and pose a real threat to your profitability. Unaddressed, bugs make people stop using your products, uninstall your apps, and force customers to look at your competitors for solutions. That's why it’s vital that you have a reliable process for handling bugs in your software.


Improving performance (and more) through load testing

Have you ever wondered how many active users your application can handle at the same time? If so, you’re not alone. Here at Mattermost, we’re building a highly concurrent messaging platform for team collaboration that needs to potentially serve up to several thousands of users simultaneously.


Modern ways of end-to-end testing with Cypress JS

The ultimate goal of writing tests should be improving the user’s in-app experience and increasing developers’ confidence in shipping new or improved apps. The Mattermost team has been continuously writing different types of tests to improve the product. Such extensive automated testing has enabled them to ship a new release—with new features and improvements—every single month for the last few years. Thousands of developers contribute to the codebase.


Mattermost's QA journey with Rainforest and what we've learned so far

Here at Mattermost, our team of developers and quality assurance analysts are proud of what we build and work hard to ship a quality product on the 16th of each month. However, maintaining our high bar for quality month over month isn’t without its challenges!


Unit testing mmctl commands

Mattermost is starting a new open source campaign, this time around increasing the unit test coverage for the mmctl tool. The mmctl tool is a CLI application that mimics the commands and features of the current Mattermost CLI tool and uses the Mattermost REST API to communicate with the server. Using the tool, you can control and manage several Mattermost servers without having to access the specific machine on which the server is running.