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Introducing Our New Guide: How to Build Your Open Source Productivity Stack

It’s no secret that open source software is an important part of many development teams’ daily workflows. But does that include productivity tools? Oftentimes, development workflows get shoehorned into the same productivity tools used by nontechnical teams—but these tools can be a poor fit for the needs of developers.


What's the key to measuring developer productivity?

Developer productivity metrics are an important part of any engineering team’s growth and improvement; the right metrics can help you better forecast project timelines, understand where to allocate resources, and manage your team’s workload. But measuring developer productivity has been challenging, and, when incorrectly applied, can seem to all but wring every last line of code from overworked developers.


Is your team using too many productivity tools?

Everyone has experienced it at some point. You’re sure that your teammate shared that key bit of information with you somewhere…but was part of a Jira issue? A comment on a Figma mockup? A long-lost DM between you, your teammate, and someone else a few months ago? If you spend more time hunting down the right information than you do actually using it, you may have a tool overload problem.


'Digital by Default': A collaboration model for modern developers

When I joined Mattermost at the end of 2019, part of the allure was the unique experience of working at a 100% remote company. Little did I know that within three months, the whole world would lock down and countless companies became remote practically overnight.


Collapsed Reply Threads are now generally available!

Collapsed Reply Threads is our most requested feature ever, with over 2,500 votes on our feature idea forum. Here’s what users are saying: So after a successful beta, we’re excited to launch Collapsed Reply Threads as generally available in Mattermost v7.0. Administrators can now enable Collapsed Reply Threads by default for all users, and we’ve improved server performance to support large-scale deployments.


Communication overload? Here's how threaded messages can help you reclaim your focus.

In an era of remote and hybrid work, keeping your team connected often means relying on a messaging platform. But with so many conversations happening simultaneously, the same channels you rely on to stay in sync can also cause information overload. That’s why threaded messages are one of our most-requested features and one that we’re so excited to finally release in general availability with Mattermost 7.0.