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Passively track keywords in Mattermost

Tracking keywords enables users to stay on top of relevant topics, discussions, and text from incoming webhooks happening across teams and different channels. However, some keywords do not warrant a high-signal “heads up” in the form of triggering a notification sound every time a keyword is mentioned. Starting with Mattermost v9.2 Professional and Enterprise Edition, users can declare keywords and phrases to passively track.

Embracing Global Collaboration for a Resilient Future

Dear Mattermost Customers, Partners, and Open Source Contributors, Today marks a significant milestone in our journey. I am thrilled to share that Mattermost has joined the World Economic Forum Global Innovators Community. This is more than just an accomplishment; it’s a testament to our commitment to building a more secure, transparent, and resilient world.

Scalable collaboration software for enterprises

In our dynamic business world, enterprises face a number of complex challenges when it comes to supporting effective teamwork, ensuring data security, and staying compliant with ever-evolving regulations. As organizations continue to grow, so do their demands for efficient collaboration tools that can seamlessly adapt to changing requirements and scale effortlessly.

Choosing secure collaboration for your enterprise business

Mattermost is a secure collaboration hub designed for technical and operations teams. Larger organizations with strict security, regulatory, and data control requirements want a collaboration platform that meets their needs. Mattermost Enterprise Edition is built for scalability and offers enhanced access controls and advanced functionality modern enterprises require. What type of organization uses Mattermost Enterprise Edition? What features are included in Mattermost Enterprise Edition?

Mattermost Pro Tips: Using emojis to improve team collaboration

When technical and operational teams work together in the same physical location, it’s easy for employees to communicate and understand each other because things like body language, facial expressions, tone, and enunciation provide additional context to the words that are being said. Unfortunately, such context clues don’t inherently exist in text-based communication; it’s not uncommon for two different team members to read the same sentence and take away different meanings.

Mattermost Pro Tips: Regaining Sidebar Sanity

The sidebar is a persistent part of your Mattermost workspace, and while it might not feel like the most exciting feature, it’s absolutely essential for navigating through your team’s projects and conversations. But the more channels you join and the more DMs you send, the more cluttered your sidebar might start to become. Want to improve your sidebar experience and keep your attention on the conversations that matter most? Here’s how to regain sidebar sanity in Mattermost.

Mattermost Pro Tips: Supercharge your searches with search modifiers

The more your team uses Mattermost, the more it becomes an essential knowledge repository for your organization. And the best way to navigate that repo is often via the humble search bar. But did you know that your Mattermost search bar has a few tricks hidden up its sleeve? Let’s dive in and learn how you can supercharge your searches to find what you’re looking for a bit faster.

An introduction to cybersecurity collaboration

In today’s interconnected world, cybersecurity is more important than ever before. Organizations of all sizes face an increasing number of cyber threats, including costly data breaches and ransomware attacks. When bad actors strike, organizations can suffer devastating financial and reputational consequences. At the same time, organizations can face heightened risks if their most sensitive data is stolen.

Expanding the Mattermost ecosystem with new partnerships and integrations

As the operational hub for defense, government and technology enterprises, Mattermost is committed to connecting technical organizations and their people, processes, and tools for mission-critical work. Mattermost v8.0 is focused on increasing your team’s operational efficiency, expanding our ecosystem, and improving our platform.