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The Top 10 Best DevSecOps Tools for 2022

Over the last decade or so, we have seen organizations competing to rapidly launch products and new updates. This also often meant that information security lagged behind, as evinced by the fact that we have seen many companies facing major breaches and attacks over the last couple of years. The DevOps approach which focused on rapid development proved ineffective for robust security. This is where DevSecOps emerged.

Organizational design in the shift from project to product: Getting it right for platform teams

“The biggest organizations in the world are pivoting to a product-centric operating model,” opens Charles Betz, Principal Analyst at Forrester, on a recent webinar. But with product structures emerging as the primary operating model, new challenges are emerging in technical product management. While newly-formed product teams are persistent, heterogenous, outcome-oriented, and customer-focused, for the most part, they still haven’t solved the question of autonomy.

5 DevOps tips - all don'ts!

This blog is a safe space – so let’s just say it. DevOps is hard work and boring. There. We said it. To most people in tech and software, DevOps is tedium and busywork that gets in the way of the “real” work – making software. This is why it’s often left by the wayside, or done improperly. So, what if we told you that if you got it right, your job would be better, more fun, your business more profitable – all that kind of pie in the sky fantasy stuff?

GitLab Time Tracking Guide (Limitations, 7 Alternatives)

GitLab is a DevOps platform that helps developers manage the software development process, from the planning stage straight through to the release. The GitLab app also offers a time tracking feature that allows you to track estimates and time spent on epics and merge requests within the app itself. But is GitLab time tracking the answer to all your time management needs? In this article, we will explain how to use the time tracking feature in GitLab and discuss its limitations.

The 4 most important DevOps metrics and how to use them

When you’re working towards SMART goals, you’ve got to be able to measure the impact your efforts are having. In fact, that’s what the M in SMART goals stands for. In Agile teams and DevOps, measuring performance is critical to quantifying the impact of your team’s work. And, without measuring how things are today, it will be impossible to know whether all our hard work will actually make any difference in the future.