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  |  By Manuela Aggio
The Knowledge Centered Service – also known as the Knowledge Centered Support or the KCS – is a methodology and set of practices designed to integrate knowledge creation and maintenance into the daily workflow of an organization. Through active collaboration between teams and continuous knowledge capture, it helps improve the efficiency and effectiveness of customer support and Service Management functions.
  |  By Pablo Vergne
As 2023 draws to a close, we look back on a year that has not only been about growth and achievement but also about embracing change and pushing the boundaries of innovation. This year at InvGate, we witnessed a remarkable evolution in our approach to IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Asset Management (ITAM), reflected through our flagship products, InvGate Service Desk and InvGate Insight.
  |  By Manuela Aggio
It’s no news that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed the ways in which we live, work, and connect. However, along this array of possibilities, it has also led to fears and concerns about its use and potential consequences. But what if we could turn these doubts into curiosity? What if, instead of viewing AI as a threat, we saw it as a powerful ally for our day to day tasks and responsibilities?
  |  By Steve Manjaly
Choosing help desk software for a school is a smart yet hard thing to do. A service platform can simplify the work of any educational institution by centralizing all IT operations and requests and even providing a single point of contact with multiple areas beyond technical support. However, selecting the right IT Service Management (ITSM) tool that adapts to educational needs poses a challenge in itself since most of them are not designed with that specific consumer in mind.
  |  By Celeste Mottesi
If your organization already uses Jira for software development or project tracking but lacks a service desk, then this is perfect to have the best of both worlds. The InvGate Service Desk and Jira integration allows you to add a help desk to your Project Management and software development tools in just a few clicks.
  |  By Ariel Gesto
2023 was a transformative and eye-opening year for the service desk, with various needs that had only been lurking in the background coming to the forefront. And as we embark on the journey into 2024, the dynamic landscape of IT Service Management (ITSM) continues to undergo an accelerated transformation, with emerging service desk trends setting the stage for a revolution in customer support and technical assistance.
  |  By Matt Beran
Service desk Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are a great way to systematize working practices and lead to a more consistent experience for agents and end-users. Done well, they can be used to build up a solid knowledge base for your technical teams, which will improve response times, fix rates, and customer satisfaction. When designing a SOP, the key lies in keeping it simple, clear, and making sure it incorporates everything the user needs to follow it accordingly.
  |  By Manuela Aggio
Building community within teams has many perks. It enhances communication, knowledge sharing, productivity, and overall employee well being. This is particularly true for customer support teams, where fast paced environments, conflict resolution, and customer engagement shape day to day operations.
  |  By Brenda Gratas
Are you already keeping a close eye on Service Level Agreement (SLA) metrics? As part of your IT Service Management (ITSM) strategy, these metrics help you not only meet but exceed your service delivery goals. Following the age-old rule of service delivery, “The customer is always right,” organizations worldwide strive to provide efficient service to their customers, clients, or internal stakeholders.
  |  By Brenda Gratas
As the complexity of the help desk staffing model continues to grow, businesses grapple with essential questions – When is the right time to expand the team? How to identify and hire the best-fit candidates? And what's the ideal headcount for an efficient service desk?
  |  By InvGate
The Facilities team is essential to the functioning of the entire organization. It's in charge of the workplace as a building, as well as all the amenities that make employees' work more accessible (and more comfortable). They need to process a large volume of maintenance requests daily and, thus, can benefit enormously from a ticketing system. Luckily, you can use your current service desk software to address this need.
  |  By InvGate
Human Resources is responsible for a variety of functions within an organization, from hiring and onboarding to benefits and payroll. Therefore, it's the perfect area to start an ESM rollout. You can expand ITSM software to other company areas — contributing to their digital transformation and sharing some costs in the middle! And the best part is you can build an HR ticketing system in under 10 minutes with InvGate Service Desk!
  |  By InvGate
If you were looking for help desk software that integrates with Microsoft Teams, InvGate Service Desk was already your go-to option. However, our MS Teams integration has reached a whole new level of proficiency. Connecting Microsoft Teams with InvGate Service Desk turns the messaging platform into a formal communication channel while centralizing interactions in the backend, providing you with a double benefit: improving the agents' and end-users' experience and simplifying tracking and measuring all service desk interactions in one place.
  |  By InvGate
Managing multiple help desks across different departments and teams is challenging. And working with various vendors adds an extra layer of complexity, inefficiency, and expenditure. But there's a way to integrate multiple help desks into one ITSM solution, as you can see in this video! Having a single point of contact has many benefits, including: So, what are you waiting for? Unify the help desks of multiple departments into InvGate Service Desk and consolidate your IT, HR, Finances, and Maintenance service offering!
  |  By InvGate
Help desk activities involve so many manual tasks that the job can quickly become tedious — leading to human error and high turnover. Service desk automation helps you avoid all that and allows IT support teams to focus on more complex and critical tasks. Some of the benefits that well-implemented automation can bring you include: Explore X InvGate Service Desk automation ideas in this video, and boost your support efficiency!
  |  By InvGate
When searching for service desk software, it's crucial to understand the functionalities for every user role in your IT support team. This will ensure not only that your agents, managers, and admins have everything they need for their daily work, but also that your customers adopt it right away. In this service desk admin view walkthrough, you can clearly see how to configure a service desk.
  |  By InvGate
Service desk managers monitor the service desk performance and thus need a tool that adapts to their specific needs. In particular, these service desk software features will boost help desk managers' productivity: See what these look like on InvGate Service Desk in this service desk manager view walkthrough.
  |  By InvGate
If you're looking for service desk software, you need to know exactly what functionalities it provides to your agents. After all, its features are critical to understanding if the ITSM solution adapts to your organization's needs. But that's not all; you also need to confirm that the tool is user-friendly enough to avoid a steep learning curve. In this Agent View Walkthrough, you can clearly see what a service desk technician sees and experiences when using InvGate Service Desk.
  |  By InvGate
If you're looking for service desk software, you need to know not only what functionalities it provides for your agents and admins but also how your end-users see it. Its easy-to-use interface will be critical to increasing its adoption rate — thus decreasing the number of tickets your agents handle daily. In this Customer View Walkthrough, you can clearly see what an end-user sees and experiences when using InvGate Service Desk.
  |  By InvGate
Gamifying your service desk is a clever way to encourage agents to stay motivated and excited about their job, take on challenges, learn new skills, thrive through complex tasks, and discover new working methods. Gamification in IT consists of taking elements from game designs and applying them to make a task or job more interesting by adding some fun activities or elements.

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