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  |  By Matt Beran
Employee onboarding can be a logistical nightmare if the process isn’t laid out just right. For this purpose, creating an efficient onboarding workflow is crucial. After all, you want your new hires to stick around and thrive, not run for the hills. To help with this process, this article dives into the nuances of developing an effective onboarding process, specifically utilizing the capabilities of InvGate Service Desk.
  |  By Celeste Mottesi
Workflows are a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes – if they are intuitive enough to be used by tech and non-tech-savvy people alike. With this in mind, we’ve just redesigned InvGate Service Desk’s no-code Workflow Builder to make the experience much more accessible.In a nutshell, we kept all the functionalities our users already enjoyed but simplified the UX/UI, reduced the learning curve, and added some pre-built processes so you don’t need to start from scratch.
  |  By Kimberly Yánez
Building a robust workflow takes time and requires mapping out all the details of what everyone is doing. But, once it is set, you’ll soon see the positive results that come with Workflow Management and implementing the right automation tools. The practice leverages software and tools to automate routine tasks, streamline operations, and reduce the likelihood of errors. Effective Workflow Management speeds up processes and provides a clear framework for tracking progress and accountability.
  |  By Ariel Gesto
Let’s start with a simple truth: the world of Enterprise Management is notoriously complex. It’s a complexity born out of necessity, out of the myriad interconnections that sustain large organizations. And here's another truth: simplifying these processes, without sacrificing their effectiveness, has become one of the main missions of modern enterprise solutions.
  |  By Manuela Aggio
For all ServiceNow users looking to enhance their IT Asset Management (ITAM) capabilities, we have exciting news! Now you can integrate InvGate Insight with ServiceNow and get quick access to information on your assets throughout their lifecycle directly from your service desk. Plus, there’s no need to undergo long and complicated implementation processes. In just a few steps, and avoiding unnecessary high costs, you will have it set up and functioning.
  |  By Marina Lammertyn
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly advancing across every industry, but is this technology the right choice for your customer service strategy? We've already explored the multiple uses of ChatGPT for customer service, like crafting accurate responses to complaints or creating issue notifications. However, since then, AI has grown and amplified its uses and language models.
  |  By Jorge Farah
Customer Service Management (CSM) is the backbone of creating enduring customer relationships and driving business growth. This article delves into the essence of CSM, unraveling professional tips and best practices that have been highlighted by industry leaders throughout the episodes of the Ticket Volume podcast.
  |  By Manuela Aggio
Trying to answer the question of what the future of the workplace will look like seems to be a never ending discussion. Of course, this interests both employers and employees, who tend to feel uncertain about the constantly changing landscape and put a lot of thought and effort into arriving prepared for what’s coming.
  |  By Marina Lammertyn
The integration of artificial intelligence in the service desk has become a game-changer, revolutionizing the way organizations handle customer support and IT Service Management (ITSM). In this sense, AI service desk solutions offer a range of benefits, from improved efficiency and cost savings to enhanced customer satisfaction. So, to help you harness the power of AI in your service desk, in this article we'll discuss practical ideas and strategies to implement the technology effectively.
  |  By Marina Lammertyn
And just like that, the future has arrived: artificial intelligence tickets are here. Undoubtedly, AI has transformed —as well as many areas of our lives— the landscape of Ticket Management, offering a series of benefits for organizations looking to streamline their IT support operations. This article will explore how AI-powered ticketing systems can enhance efficiency, improve issue resolution times, and elevate customer satisfaction.
  |  By InvGate
Workflows are a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes – if they are intuitive enough to be used by tech and non-tech-savvy people alike. InvGate Service Desk's visual workflow builder already allowed users to drag and drop components into a process to define its multiple steps. But with the latest update, they can build, modify, and optimize them in minutes without technical knowledge — making it perfect for speeding up your Enterprise Service Management (ESM) strategy!
  |  By InvGate
Azure DevOps enables teams to work efficiently together in software development. When combined with InvGate Service Desk, these collaboration capabilities go one step further. The InvGate Service Desk and Azure DevOps integration allows you to link your Azure DevOps Work Items – used to track features, requirements, code bugs, and project development issues – to InvGate Service Desk requests. Once it's set up, authorized users will be able to see the following information in the service desk request.
  |  By InvGate
If you're already a Lansweeper user, now you can expand your IT Service Management capabilities by integrating InvGate Service Desk with Lansweeper. This powerful pairing unlocks new possibilities for streamlining your IT operations, broadening your visibility, and delivering rapid, superior service. Lansweeper is an IT Asset Management tool that allows businesses to manage and track their IT inventory. However, it lacks ITSM capabilities on its own since it wasn't designed to provide them.
  |  By InvGate
If your organization already uses Jira for software development or project tracking but lacks a service desk, then this is perfect for having the best of both worlds. The InvGate Service Desk and Jira integration allows you to add a help desk to your Project Management and software development tools in just a few clicks. As a result, you'll be able to link any Jira issue to a service desk request, allowing quick access to detailed and real-time information on the Jira issue directly from InvGate Service Desk – avoiding having to go back and forth between solutions.
  |  By InvGate
The speed and quality of interactions is a determining factor in customer satisfaction. And even though those aspects depend on several elements, artificial intelligence can greatly improve them. InvGate Service Desk AI-Improved Responses analyzes service desk agents' draft responses to requests, taking in all the details and the agents' input, and generates a new response that can summarize, expand, or change the tone of the original draft using Generative AI.
  |  By InvGate
Some help desk tickets are solved in just one exchange. Others might need more interactions, more people to review them, or even require escalation. All that back and forth generates multiple messages, and new observers may need up to 10 minutes to catch up. But you can speed this up with Generative AI. The Ticket Summarization feature can create a brief ticket summary with the incident's main activity. This can shorten the time it takes to onboard someone new to a complex ongoing incident by up to 90% (from 10 minutes to less than 1 minute), based on internal testing.
  |  By InvGate
GenerativeAI and multimodal models are changing how we relate to technology – and now they will also change your IT service offering! The InvGate AI Hub consists of a series of features that enable artificial intelligence for IT teams. At its heart is our commitment to build tools IT teams use to enable every other team in the company. Generally speaking, the AI Hub has some clear advantages.
  |  By InvGate
An updated knowledge base is essential to an organization's self-service offering. But keeping it updated is no easy task. What if you could have artificial intelligence work for you and help you with Knowledge Management? That's what InvGate Service Desk Knowledge Article Generation feature does! The Knowledge Article Generation feature allows you to transform service incident resolutions into knowledge article drafts in under 30 seconds (based on internal testing). The result? Time savings for help desk agents and updated knowledge base for the rest of your employees.
  |  By InvGate
Service desk Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are a great way to systematize working practices and lead to a more consistent experience for agents and end-users. Done well, they can be used to build up a solid knowledge base for your technical teams, which will improve response times, fix rates, and customer satisfaction. See how to create standard operating procedures for your service desk in this video, and get ready to improve IT support's quality, accuracy, and efficiency!
  |  By InvGate
If your organization offers multi-site support across diverse locations or provides remote IT support, having a mobile help desk is indispensable for agents to provide consistent help despite the device where they choose to do so. The new InvGate Service Desk mobile app brings a ton of extra flexibility to adjust the platform to your company's needs and take it with you in your pocket.

From SME to large enterprises, InvGate improves IT support efficiency and customer experience with an integrated Service and Asset Management platform.

InvGate Insight, InvGate Manage, and InvGate Service are complementary IT management offerings designed to simplify and make life at work easier. Whether you need to offer IT support, to manage IT services, to manage IT assets, or all three, InvGate is here to help.

It’s our mission to help our customers help their customers, through solutions designed to optimize service delivery and support across all areas of business. Our technology is driven by customer needs – where ITSM and ITAM best practices meet these needs in a practical and affordable way.

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