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Jira Work Management Monthly Minute: October 2022 | Atlassian

Get the latest Jira Work Management updates in our Monthly Minute. In October 2022, we added horizontal navigation, a starred feature, and the ability to move around the list view like a spreadsheet. Check out the sidebar and Smart Link forms too. Jira Work Management makes it easy for business teams to collaborate, align, and deliver work, all in one place.

Kiss status meetings goodbye: stay in sync, async | Atlassian Presents: Work Life '22 | Atlassian

We all know it and hate it — the dreaded “status meeting.” They’re great when it’s a small team, but they don’t scale and become a waste of time. In this session, we’ll show how to use Atlas to keep teams in sync, async, while empowering them to continue using the apps that let them thrive.