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Jira Work Management Monthly Minute: February 2024 | Atlassian

Get the latest Jira Work Management updates in our February Monthly Minute. Manage attachments, use forms on mobile, create issues more easily, and more. Jira Work Management makes it easy for business teams to collaborate, align, and deliver work, all in one place. Connect with Jira Work Management and Atlassian.

Jira Service Management & AI

Jira Service Management offers a variety of machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to help organizations drive their digital transformation and enhance productivity. This video provides a comprehensive overview of Jira Service Management Smarts and Atlassian Intelligence features, including predictive issue assignment and triage, natural language search, AI-powered virtual agent, and more.

An end to end demo of an integrated Atlassian toolchain | The Developer's Edge | Atlassian

Explore a comprehensive demonstration of development work utilizing an integrated Atlassian toolchain. Gain knowledge on how Atlassian products, including Jira Software, Bitbucket, Compass and Confluence collaborate with partners like CircleCI and LaunchDarkly to provide developers with enhanced capabilities.

Jira Software: Team Managed vs. Company Managed Projects | Atlassian

In this 6-minute video, we’ll explore two different project types in Jira Software: Team Managed and Company Managed projects. Knowing which project type to use can help your teams work more effectively, help with project setup and administration, and help get the most out of Jira.

Office attendance doesn't drive team connection. So what does?

Most teams no longer sit shoulder-to-shoulder, even if individual members go into their closest office every day. When teams are not co-located, you need to be much more intentional about bringing them together. At Atlassian, we aim to have teams meet in-person at one of our offices a few times per year, and we prioritize building relationships and advancing mission-critical work during that time. These team gatherings are part of our Intentional Togetherness Gathering (ITG) program.

Distributed Work: Lessons Learned and a Look Ahead I Atlassian

Do offices matter anymore? Does remote work hurt or help teams? And what are CEOs getting wrong in the work from home debate? Global Head of Team Anywhere Annie Dean and Stanford Economics Professor Nick Bloom answer these questions and more in this video. They discuss insights from their work and conversations with executives, getting to the bottom of what matters most for effective teamwork.

Jira Service Management & Microsoft Teams

Jira Service Management offers a variety of integrations with Microsoft Teams to facilitate effective communication, improve collaboration, and streamline the process of resolving issues. This video provides a comprehensive overview of the integrations between Jira Service Management and Microsoft Teams, including ChatOps for Incident Management, conversational ticketing through Chat, and the functionality of Jira Cloud.