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How a VPN Protects Sensitive Business Information

Data is the lifeblood of success in today's dynamic business landscape. Financial records, customer information, intellectual property - these digital assets are crucial for competition and they demand robust protection. While the digital age has introduced conveniences in the form of blurred geographical boundaries so businesses can operate globally, new security challenges have cropped up that must be tackled.

Digital Sovereignty: Wire and Schwarz Group announce partnership

Wire and the Schwarz Group today proclaim a strategic partnership to advance secure communication and data sovereignty in Germany and Europe. The partnership was announced at the Cybersecurity Conference by Schwarz in Heilbronn. The strategic partnership has three key points: Wire secures the digital communications of governments and companies in the areas of critical infrastructure, energy, and telecommunications worldwide.

Protecting Your Online Store: Important eCommerce Security and Privacy Measures for 2024

Online stores have become the latest buzzword, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, we see many online stores across the web, which has led to an alarming rate of cyber-attacks. According to a recent report, most of the grievances received in 2022 were personal data breaches, phishing, and non-payment/non-delivery. This statistic shows the importance of eCommerce security and privacy in modern-day businesses. Hence, it becomes crucial for modern-day entrepreneurs to protect their online stores.

Project Ghostbuster: Why WhatsApp should not be used in business

Facebook's parent company, Meta, is facing new allegations of allegedly criminal behavior undermining users' privacy. According to a report by TechCrunch, the actions outlined in a new class-action lawsuit don't involve the direct exploitation of user data on Meta's platforms. Instead, they allege the weaponization of existing Meta apps and services to access confidential user data on other platform apps, such as Snapchat, Amazon, and YouTube.

Federal zero trust strategy: are you ready?

Federal agencies deal with sensitive data and critical infrastructure while executing their public functions. They are naturally vulnerable to malicious attacks and data breaches. While strategic use of technology and cloud-based systems is important to delivering their mission, security monitoring is crucial. The federal zero-trust strategy calls for a holistic approach to protecting data and systems. Doing so helps mitigate safety concerns and service disruptions.

Is cybersecurity a bigger concern for remote employees?

There has never been a more noticeable movement toward remote and hybrid work arrangements in the quickly changing work environment of today. According to a LinkedIn survey, a startling 45% of employment positions published in the UK in August 2023 were for hybrid roles. This shift has sparked conversations about operational effectiveness and productivity, but cybersecurity in a distributed office environment is an equally important issue that has to be addressed.

Insider Risks vs Insider Threats - Understanding the Difference and Leveraging AI Security Solutions

The difference may sound subtle, but it can cause unrecoverable damage to organizations. Triggered by intentional (or unintentional) employee behavior, insider risk puts business data integrity at stake, while insider threat happens when the data at risk gets exposed to some unauthorized entity. Both cases pose challenges to workplace compliance and operational efficiency.

Air-gapped collaboration: a must-have for defense and government

Protecting sensitive data is critical, particularly in the defense and government sectors. The defense sector handles sensitive information that, if disclosed, might jeopardize national security. Additionally, Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) is becoming big business. So, the digital battleground is just as important as its physical equivalent. One option to ensure safe mission communication is to use a self-hosted, air-gapped environment.

After the Taurus leak: what you should look for in a secure messenger

The Taurus leak has startled politics and society in Germany. Shortly before the weekend, Russian propaganda outlets reported on apparently intercepted confidential conversations of the German Air Force, triggering numerous discussions about the state of IT security in the army. "The incident shows that secure communication is still a challenge for many people, even in a professional context," says Benjamin Schilz, CEO at Wire. "Security must be accessible and easy to use.