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Convene as Your Secure Document Collaboration Software: How can it help the company?

In today’s digital era, protecting the data and sensitive information of customers must be an utmost priority for companies. A small data breach would cost a business millions of dollars and could destroy the reputation that it has built since day one. Many companies are now investing in board management software to prevent data breaches. This platform enables enterprises and companies to conduct smoother yet safer operations, from task collaboration to board meetings.


Employee Monitoring & Data Confidentiality Practices

In today’s business world, employee monitoring and data confidentiality are crucial considerations for any organization. With the rise of digital communication and the increasing reliance on technology in the workplace, companies need systems to ensure that their employees are using company resources appropriately and that sensitive information is protected. One such way is using employee monitoring.


Cybersecurity Should be a Priority in Any Digital Transformation

Digital technologies have emerged as the most fundamental tools for the survival of businesses in the fiercely-competitive modern marketplace. Implementation of modern technologies helps achieve the most desirable business objectives. However, the adoption of innovations to facilitate digital transformation also brings cybersecurity challenges too.

Building Secure Chat Experiences That Convert, Engage and Retain Users

Everything starts with a conversation. 🗨 The world’s leading organizations understand this and make sure chat is available within their mobile apps or websites. However, getting it done is not so easy. There are many things to consider. Choosing to rely on third-party messaging platforms comes with heavy compromises on data security, privacy, and ownership. 🔒

8 ways to fortify cyber security while working remotely

In 2020, companies were pushed to adapt to an unprecedented global pandemic. They shifted rapidly from an office-based workforce to a remote one. And with that went the protection of having employees connected through on-premise secure servers, which called for a remote work cyber security infrastructure to be installed. Employees had to configure the official devices through their home networks, and the IT department had to work at scale for remote work cyber security.

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Everything You Should Know about On-Premises or On-Prem Server

Let's check the facts first, then move on to learning about the on-premises server. Do you comprehend that data is traded for more money than gold on the black market? Tech-savvy people were completely omniscient about how the world was changing and how vulnerabilities, threats, and other issues will be intertwined with achievements pertaining to technology.

10 tools for secure and effective distance learning

Distance learning tools provide students with flexibility and convenience, enabling them to take courses at their own pace. In addition, it offers the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and skills while still retaining the freedom to pursue other interests or commitments. Even through a computer screen, online collaborative learning tools can keep students interested and engaged. For all these reasons, it is not surprising that online education is continuing to grow.

8 strategies to ensure communication security

The rise of modern technologies enabled people to communicate more easily than ever before. We communicate in a variety of channels, like chat, voice and video calls, and emails. However, the new, digital ways to communicate also made communication security and data privacy big concerns for all parties involved.

Cloud vs. on-premise security: Who wins?

Software as a service (SaaS) and cloud-based tools have become critical for companies to stay competitive and agile. Modern Saas tools, like Salesforce, have become crucial for companies to collaborate efficiently. Public cloud providers have made it easy for businesses to use these tools. However, this shift to the cloud has led to some serious cybersecurity challenges. The data security parameters have shifted from traditional, on-premise security to cloud-first.