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Zendesk + Ultimate: Setting a new standard of service with AI agents

Zendesk announced today that it will acquire Ultimate, an industry-leading provider of service automation, to deliver the most complete AI offering for customer experience (CX) in the market. The latest CX Trends data shows that unprecedented demand for AI is driving up the speed and frequency of customer engagement. In this new era of AI-powered CX, AI agents can push beyond traditional bot capabilities to help brands transform service into a competitive advantage.

How A Merger Accelerated Their Agency's Growth w/ Bob Ruffolo

How does a simple merger result in a highly successful business that houses both agency and consulting practices under one roof, creating what very well may be the business model of the future? Bob Ruffolo, founder and CEO of IMPACT, joins the podcast to discuss his merger with The Sales Lion, and how that led to growth that surpassed their HubSpot peers and made their consulting services a primary source of company revenue.

The future for Miro and Freehand

It’s been a couple months since Miro’s acquisition of Freehand, and I want to give you an update on where we’re heading with the combination of Freehand and Miro. We started this journey last fall with a shared vision. We believe the power of visual collaboration goes far beyond just a digital whiteboard. We believe in the potential to truly transform how organizations work — unlocking new levels of team collaboration, productivity, and creativity.

Freehand joins the Miro team

I’m excited to announce that Miro has acquired Freehand, the visual collaboration platform. At Miro, we believe that organizations on the forefront of innovation are radically focused on accelerating time to market and ensuring continuous alignment with customer needs and company strategy. More than 60 million users and 200,000+ organizations worldwide count on Miro to develop strategy, design new products and services, and manage processes through the entire innovation lifecycle.

Rebuilding trust after layoffs, mergers & acquisitions with Julia Christenson,

This episode features an interview with Julia Christenson, U.S. Employee Experience Chair at Edelman. In this episode, Amanda and Julia discuss the sticky factor of employee experience, the power of employee recognition, and how to establish trust in difficult times.

Charting the future with AI: Simpplr's vision and the integration of

At Simpplr, our guiding vision is to deliver a seamless and personalized work journey for every employee, no matter where or how they work. This North Star is the driving force behind our commitment to constantly innovate, improve and expand our portfolio of industry-leading workplace technology solutions. A testament to this commitment is our recent acquisition of, an advanced AI-powered virtual employee assistant.

Zendesk acquires Tymeshift, bringing AI-powered workforce management to customers

Zendesk, Inc. announced its completed acquisition of Tymeshift, an AI-powered modern workforce management (WFM) solution. Built exclusively for Zendesk customers, Tymeshift simplifies the management of complex customer experience (CX) workloads. “Companies of all sizes benefit from WFM tooling, so Tymeshift was a natural choice when looking to expand our product portfolio.

Eficode acquires Clearvision to take on UK and USA

Eficode has acquired Clearvision, a solutions provider for Atlassian, Git, and open-source tooling. The acquisition fortifies Eficode’s presence in the United Kingdom and establishes Eficode in the United States. With Clearvision, Eficode will accelerate the adoption of its Eficode ROOT managed DevOps platform in the UK and the USA and will introduce its Agile and DevOps services to Clearvision’s customers.