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The power of vulnerability in the AI era, featuring author Mike Robbins (podcast recap)

As artificial intelligence gains traction in the workplace, authentic human connections — including showing vulnerability — are more important than ever to build trust, foster effective collaboration, and inspire innovation.

Why we need humans more than ever in the age of AI, featuring global employee communication expert Monique Zytnik (podcast recap)

Think humans are dispensable in the age of artificial intelligence (AI)? The opposite is true — we’ve never needed human intelligence in the workplace more to navigate organizational blind spots, communicate effectively, and lead with authenticity.

Simpplr named a Leader in The Forrester Wave: Intranet Platforms report

The Forrester Wave: Intranet Platforms, Q2 2024 report recognizes Simpplr as a Leader in Intranet Platforms. We’re in this for the long haul and are honored to receive this recognition — which we believe reflects our unwavering dedication to transforming the work experience.

Impact of AI on employee experience - from onboarding to workflow automation: Insights from AI expert Christina Kucek (podcast recap)

We recently sat down with AI expert Christina Kucek, Executive Director of Intelligence Automation at CAI, to talk about the myriad ways artificial intelligence is shaping the employee experience (EX), what to consider when implementing AI in the workplace, and lots more.

Blueprints for success: Actionable findings from our 2024 State of Internal Communications Report (webinar recap)

Level up your internal communications game with actionable findings from Simpplr’s 2024 State of Internal Communications Report. Get practical tips and best practices — from how to position IC as a strategic advantage to secure more budget to using artificial intelligence to do more with less.

Ethical AI, Automation, and the Future of Employment with Christina Kucek, Executive Director

This episode features an interview with Christina Kucek, Executive Director of Intelligent Automation at CAI. She has over 15 years of consulting experience in delivering cutting-edge implementations in Conversational AI, natural language processing, and robotics process automation. In this episode, Shawn and Christina discuss the impact of AI on employee experience: from onboarding to accelerating workflows to building in ethics.

Fact vs. fiction: The role of Gen AI in employee facing applications

Join industry experts, including Simpplr’s Chief People & Experience Officer Miriam Connaughton, Simpplr’s Chief Technology Officer Parag Kulkarni, and Akshay Bhushan, Partner at Tola Capital, as they dive into a insightful discussion about the use of artificial intelligence in employee applications like intranets. In this session they will: — To stay in touch and learn more about Simpplr, please like this video and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Life after Workplace: An insider's view on post-Workplace communication

Last week, Meta announced that it was deprecating Workplace, its all-in-one communication platform and first-ever B2B SaaS offering. Since the announcement, many companies — including Simpplr— have presented themselves as candidates to replace Workplace. Understandably, there are many businesses out there that rely on Workplace that will now be looking for an alternative platform.

Need an alternative to Workplace by Meta? Our #1 intranet platform has you covered.

Bummed about Meta’s recent announcement that it’s shuttering Workplace and recommending Workvivo as an alternative? Don’t be. While it might feel like the impending shutdown leaves you in a lurch, you don’t have to go from bad to worse. This is an opportunity to upgrade to a No. 1 intranet platform purposefully designed to enhance the employee experience.