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The Great Resignation: Why Millennials Are Quitting Their Six-Figure Jobs

There’s a new trend on the rise, and it goes by the name of “the great resignation.” What is this, you ask? It’s simply when millennials quit their six-figure jobs in droves. Why are they doing this? Many say they’re burnt out, exhausted from working long hours for little reward, and this is not exactly about a monetary reward! Others cite a lack of purpose or meaning in their work as the reason for their departure.

Employee and Organizational Development: A complete Guide

Employee and organizational development are both important terminologies in Human Resource management. However, there is a lot of confusion about what the two terms mean and what their differences are. In this blog post, we will define employee development and describe its key features. We will then discuss the importance of employee development for human resource management. Next, we will move on to organizational development and define it.

Employee Self-Evaluation: What HR Managers Need to Know

Employee self-evaluation is a process where employees assess their job performance and abilities. It can be a very useful tool for HR managers, as it allows them to get feedback from employees directly. There are many advantages to employee self-evaluation, such as giving employees a sense of ownership and responsibility for their work. However, some key disadvantages should be considered before implementing this process in your organization.

Is Your Chief HR Officer the Power Behind Your Business?

We are in precarious and uncertain times. We hear the phrase “The Great Resignation” every day. The challenge to draw and retain employees has left a hole in the armor of the most stable of businesses. Talent acquisition and retention have become one of the most significant impediments to attaining company goals today. It is now at the top of every company’s agenda, and U.S. business leadership rightly sees this issue as the one to master in 2022.

How To Land An Interview: Tips From Scoro's Recruitment Team

We’ve shared stories about Scoro’s company culture, given tips on recruiting world-class talent, and explained how we use Scoro to manage daily work. Today you can read about how to upgrade your application form and increase your chances of landing an interview. Have you ever been in a situation where you find a job description and understand that it is exactly what you have been looking for?

Employee Succession Planning: Are You Ready?

Succession planning can be essential for businesses that want to ensure continuity in critical tasks, even if key employees leave. However, succession planning can be difficult, and many businesses struggle to create a succession plan that works well for them. One reason for this is that businesses may not be aware of the skills that are in short supply.

8 Cloud-Based HR Solutions to Support Remote and Hybrid Teams

Discover the top cloud-based HR tools to support remote and hybrid teams. HR teams are flocking towards cloud-based solutions for their digital toolkits. Discover the value that HR cloud-based tools can bring to your business, and find out how software for tracking remote employees can benefit your digital HR toolkit.

Will HR Workflow Automation Ever Rule the World?

Certainly yes, why not? We all know that the HR teams are the backbone of offices of all shapes and sizes, as they are the ones who identify and bring potential and skilful resources to the company. The automation of the HR workflows would beyond any doubt, help the HR department save time from doing the repetitive mundane tasks of talent acquisition, hiring, employee onboarding, employee management, payroll, performance appraisals, and others.

10 Greatest Challenges HR Face Today

Human resources faced many new challenges due to the impact of COVID-19. With massive layoffs, a global crisis, mental health crises, and an economic downturn, HR professionals had to find ways to quickly solve problems to ensure the health and wellness of their employees. Unfortunately, much of the aftermath stuck around. Here are the most significant challenges HR currently faces.

Video Demo: Using InvGate Service Desk to Build a Workflow for HR

Enterprise Service Management, the application of ITSM principles and best practices to other parts of the organization, is gaining a lot of traction these days; the smart implementation of ITSM tools to support good policies is one of the key goals of any IT manager, which explains why more and more companies are getting started in their ESM journey. In this video demo, we take a look at the graphical workflow builder in InvGate Service Desk and how it can be used to create a workflow to support ESM.