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The Cost of a Bad Hire? TRIPLE their Salary!!!!

Recruitment, especially in tech, is seriously hard work. Even just for one new team member. Listing a job, sifting through applicants, interviewing them, re-interviewing the best, negotiating an offer… It’s a lot. Imagine going through all of that, finally hiring a candidate, and waiting for their start date to arrive – only to discover that they’re totally wrong for the job, and completely at odds with your company values.

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8 Useful Tactics To Improve Employee Retention in Call Centers

The pandemic led to the adoption of more remote and hybrid work options, which has helped unlock a global workforce. While BPO/KPO companies had unprecedented access to global talent, call center employees too had greater work opportunities. The consequence? Outsourcing companies started finding it difficult to control turnover and retain their top talent. According to the 2021ICMI report, the average employee turnover rate in a contact center was 58% year on year.

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The BPO Industry's Most Pressing HR Challenges

Human Resources (HR) is an integral part of any company, and a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company is no different. A Human Resource Management (HRM) team is responsible for maintaining the employer-employee relationship. This must be done throughout the phases of the employment cycle, from recruitment and onboarding to exit management. Several unique HR challenges in the BPO industry may arise due to a high employee volume, high employee turnover, and rigid client requirements.

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Justworks Hours Alternatives (5 Options)

If you need access to the best Justworks Hours alternatives for HR management, you have come to the right place. There is no shortage of effective time management solutions to support the employee experience and enable leaders to track employee time. With the right time tracking tool in your corner, employee performance management becomes a breeze. There are plenty of time clock business software solutions on the market for both medium-sized businesses and large organizations to choose from.


What is Applicant Tracking Software? Features, Working Process

Every organization holds different requirements, but similarities like hiring and maximizing new and top talents are essential for everyone. Multiple businesses face struggles and challenges in finding and hiring the best fit employees for their organizations. The applicant tracking software streamlines the hiring procedure for recruiters, hiring managers, and HR departments.

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13 Software Tools to Improve Your Hiring Process

The hiring process is important, and when you fail to deliver and manage it properly, you might get too many wrong perceptions of your company, mostly from unsuccessful candidates. Moreover, talent acquisition is competitive, but recruiters have to be aware of ensuring applicants come away from the hiring process and have had a positive experience from the outcome. However, how exactly can software tools help you improve the hiring process? Let’s find out more in this article!


Is a Performance Management System Right for Your Company?

A motivated workforce is an essential component of a successful business. Employees who know their role and what’s expected of them, and whose vision is aligned with that of the company, can take the organization to new heights. And organizations spend a lot of resources to bring their workforce to their most productive selves. According to a 2021 report, companies in the US spent a total of US$ 92.3 billion in 2021 for training their employees, a 12% increase from the previous year.


A Problem-Solving Guide for HR Managing Remote and Hybrid Teams

From multiple legal requirements for employees’ countries of origin, to payroll for employees, freelancers, and hourly workers — managing a remote workforce poses some unique challenges for HR professionals. Let’s tackle them one by one in this blog.🔥

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A Detailed Guide to Offshore Recruitment

An offshore team – one that works for you but in another country – can give businesses access to skilled talent at an affordable cost and reduce their operating costs. But offshore recruitment can be challenging without a thorough understanding of the local employment market. In this article, we’ll discuss what offshore recruitment means and the benefits of having an offshore team.

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What is Offshore HR? (Benefits, Types of Services)

Human resource management is an essential part of any company as it helps monitor and support employees to realize company goals. Now, many organizations offshore HR services to enhance their overall HR process and save money. These are just some of the benefits of offshoring HR. But what exactly do you mean by offshore HR? Should your business offshore human resources? In this article, we’ll discuss offshore HR, its advantages, and the types of HR functions you can offshore.