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Know Everything About Holiday Entitlement and Holiday Pay Policy

We all know that holidays are an integral part of life. Enjoying life outside work is vital for your well-being and keeps you mentally and physically healthy. All employees have a right to get paid holidays irrespective of their employment type. This contains part-time, zero-hour, temporary, and full-time contracts. The way HRs implement holiday entitlement in each case may vary from company to company. However, they must adhere to the legal guidelines defined by the government.


4-Days Work week: The Pros and Cons of a New Normal Working Culture

In the ever-changing economy of today, there’s one certain thing, and that’s working smarter than harder has become normal. New cultures, such as working in an open space office, working from home, or building a digital nomad company, all contribute to this new normality. With technology providing more efficient ways to work, there’s no end to opportunities for people to find out what works best for them.


Workstatus vs. Clockify vs. Toggl- The Ultimate Battle to become the Best App for Time Tracking

We know that it is crucial to track the time spent on any project or task. Earlier, companies were tracking time manually, but the times have changed significantly. Today, 73% of companies are satisfied with what they get from automating their time tracking activities. (The Economist, 2019). So, which one is the right fit for your team- Workstatus vs. Toggl vs. Clockify? All three: Workstatus, Clockify, and Toggl are excellent app for time tracking.

7 Softwares That Every Agency Needs To Have | Workstatus

Are you an Agency looking for right tools and softwares to manage your workflow and workforce? We got you covered with 7 types of softwares every agancy must-have. If you’re an agency owner looking to expand your business into different areas, you must consider tehse seven types of software to get things done on time for improving ROI. Watch the complete video to learn how these softwares can help your agency to be more productive.

Work from office vs. Work from home vs. Hybrid: What's Best for Your Workforce?

In today’s rapidly changing world of technology, employers are facing more challenges than ever to keep up with the demands of their consumers and employees. One of these challenges involves understanding which working conditions best suit the software developers and how to manage them accordingly.


The Ultimate Employee Management Software Showdown: Hubstaff vs Workstatus vs Insightful vs Timedoctor

The rapidly-changing world of technology has brought plenty of new ways to stay connected with co-workers and get your work done. Employee Management Software is no exception. Employee Management Softwares are popping up everywhere as they help businesses and companies improve their staff management by simplifying and automating some tedious tasks, such as tracking employees’ productivity, tracking time spent on each project, assigning tasks, generating reports, and analyzing performance.


Strategic Human Resource Management: What is it and how can it benefit your organization?

In today’s digital era, the role of HR has been at risk of being downgraded to a position different from those that come into core business goals. Furthermore, the challenges of handling operations with a constantly evolving workflow made the HR leaders emphasize on improving workplace productivity to assist businesses in staying ahead of their competitors. This gives birth to the concept of Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM).


Workforce Management Made Easier! Here Are Top 7 Free Employee Monitoring Software

Managing your employees effectively is a key component of being a great leader and manager. If you can’t properly manage your team, you may have difficulty retaining them, or even worse, you could end up with an unhappy workplace that leads to decreased performance, poor quality of work, and low morale. You might be wondering- What could be the possible solution to workforce management? The answer is Employee Monitoring Software.


Dealing with the Employees Moonlighting: How to Address the Problem?

The days when employees could sit in an office 9-to-5 are long gone, especially in the big cities. Managing remote employees is not the only challenge for IT companies, the pandemic birthed another horror for them and that is the hot topic of the town, Employees Moonlighting. Studies show that the workers engage in freelance or independent work at least part-time for additional income. Facts say 75% employees considered moonlighting and out of them 50% were actually involved in this practice.


Time Blocking 101: A Perfect Approach to get the most out of your Daily Schedule

– Cal Newport, Deep Work author As we all know, there are multiple ways to manage your time: some people prefer scheduling everything in advance, while others like keeping things open-ended and flexible. But one thing that’s true no matter which approach you take is that it’s essential to have some kind of structure in place so that you don’t waste time or feel overwhelmed by all the things on your plate at once.