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Impact of Data Breaches in the Healthcare Industry - Effective Strategies to Mitigate Threats

Healthcare is the most targeted industry by malicious actors with an 8.2% increase in threat incidents since 2022 costing it an average of $10.93 million. Growing risky insider incidents and hefty regulatory fines indicate an urgent need for the industry to adopt a robust security system and gain strong control over rising data attacks leading to regulatory compliance breaches.

Optimize Healthcare Services & Prevent Burnout With These Productivity Metrics

Enhance your healthcare operations with Insightful software monitoring PC activity! Learn about dynamic ways to manage patient throughput, optimize treatment times, and effectively utilize staff. See how Insightful’s real-time analytics can transform your care delivery and minimize staff burnout.

Why workplace health benefits fail to boost employee happiness

Businesses spend more on various mental health benefits to create happier, healthier work environments. Enhancing employee well-being through virtual therapy sessions and mindfulness training aims to improve their sense of purpose and productivity. With one noteworthy exception, a new UK study indicates that the impact of these therapies may not be as great as anticipated. Let’s examine the results and consider how we may actually improve workplace well-being.

The Impact of Workplace Injuries on Employee Productivity and Healthcare Costs

Workplace injuries are a significant concern for both employees and employers across various industries. They can result in considerable physical, emotional, and financial strain. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, millions of nonfatal workplace injuries occur every year, with a fraction leading to time away from work. The nature and frequency of these injuries vary, but there are several types that are consistently reported as the most common.

Improving digital communication in healthcare in 2024

Did you know that over half of patients are willing to switch providers if their digital communication needs aren't met? As a result, many healthcare businesses are increasingly adapting customer experience team strategies to improve patient satisfaction. A key element of these innovations is the integration of digital patient communication platforms in healthcare. Recent years have seen a dramatic transition in the healthcare industry.

8 examples that define a positive patient experience

Healthcare has transitioned from focusing solely on doctors' proficiency to a patient-centric approach, bringing patients' needs and experiences to the fore. As a result, positive patient experience examples have become integral to the healthcare system. In fact, it is now globally recognized as an independent dimension of healthcare quality, shaping a person's perception of the quality of care they receive.

Revolutionizing dental practice management: Dentistry Support's remote support services

Innovation has a critical role in enhancing patient care and operational effectiveness in the dynamic field of healthcare. Dentistry Support, which was established in 2019 by Dr. Stefan Borgas and Sarah Beth Herman, is a pioneer in the dental field, providing remote support services that enable dental businesses to thrive. This blog post explores Dentistry Support’s journey, the services it provides, and the transformative impact of its approach on the dental practices it serves.

How Insightful Can Help Your Healthcare Company Be HIPAA Compliant?

Discover how Insightful, a pioneering PC monitoring and hour tracking software, empowers healthcare organizations to enhance data security and achieve robust HIPAA compliance. Our comprehensive guide illuminates the ways Insightful transforms your approach to cybersecurity, ensuring your patient data is protected against digital threats.

Top 5 benefits of collaboration in healthcare

Why is collaboration in healthcare so important? Patient care is a collaborative endeavor. Delivering a high-quality patient experience and healthcare requires knowledge, skills, and efforts from interprofessional teams. Teamwork also reduces the burden on healthcare providers so they can focus on their core, critical operations. In this blog, we explore the benefits of promoting collaboration in healthcare and expert recommendations to improve the same.

7 best patient engagement software in 2024

Patient engagement software is taking the world of healthcare by storm. As the healthcare system is becoming more diversified in terms of treatments and access to medical care, the need for a more personalized, engaging system for patients arose. Paired with the online nature of everyday communication, it paved the way for solutions that we now call patient engagement software.