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5 ways to enable secure patient messaging

The healthcare sector is undergoing a significant digital transformation. Patients increasingly gravitate toward healthcare providers who provide digital capabilities such as self-scheduling, in-app reminders, and, most importantly, secure patient messaging. Furthermore, digital healthcare innovations allow for intense medical and non-medical staff collaboration within and across organizations.


Digital Transformation for Australian Healthcare Boards

As the pandemic unfolded, healthcare services locally and internationally performed monumental efforts to persist and remain relevant. Hospitals and medical services across Australia started shifting their healthcare systems using the latest technology to continue moving forward in a challenging economic climate.


Upholding Healthcare Governance through a Board Management Platform

Global crises, like the Covid-19 pandemic, have revealed the significant role that governance plays in securing health and lives. Care practices and measures in response to health crises are only a portion of healthcare governance. Concerned with the processes and systems of an organization, governance is an overarching framework that underpins the efficacy and stability of an organization’s operation.


Help Desk Software for Healthcare: Must-have Features and Challenges

Over the last decade, hospitals and healthcare organizations have digitalized their processes — and with increased digitalization, the role and responsibilities of the IT department and service desks in the healthcare sector have grown significantly. Nowadays, most providers keep digital or electronic medical records and use advanced hospital management systems. Hospital equipment manufacturers are also following these trends, and developing products that connect or sync with digital systems.


Everything you need to know about healthcare project management (& how to master it)

Today’s companies in the health and wellness space are plagued by rising costs, staffing issues, and increasingly strict regulation that makes it difficult to keep the lights on—much less thrive. As a result, healthcare teams are under incredible pressure to maximize resources, reduce overhead, and adopt effective project management systems. The ability to plan, manage, and successfully execute projects has a direct impact on your org’s reputation, bottom line, and employee morale.


How Courier Became HIPAA Compliant

When thinking about handling PII (Personally Identifiable Information) for SaaS companies, standards like SOC 2 compliance and GDPR immediately come to mind. One of the most sensitive types of information for a tech company to handle, however, is actually PHI, or protected health information. To be able to handle this type of data, a company must become HIPAA compliant.


Best Project Management Software For Healthcare

Choosing best project management software for healthcare can be a challenging task, because managing healthcare projects means you have to ensure that all parts of the project are done correctly and on time without delay. This can be pretty hard depending on how big the project is as well as how complex it is. So what many companies do is they hand out a project manager to oversee everything that needs to be done.