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Annie Dean: Successful teams innovate HOW they work I Atlassian

Ninety-three percent of Fortune 500 executives said that their teams could accomplish the same outcomes in half the time if they collaborated more effectively, according Atlassian’s State of Teams 2024 research. What’s keeping teams from working together to achieve the best outcomes? Our research found that distributed teams, defined as people who work with people in other locations on a regular basis, are more effective. Why?

New in Basecamp: Assign names and images to group pings

Pings are an essential communication tool in Basecamp — if you need to collaborate outside of a project or discuss something more privately, send a ping. But when you have a lot of pings with a lot of people, it’s hard to tell conversations apart. A single name and a few avatars are all you have to go by. You have to open each thread to figure out who’s in which one. Not anymore! Now in Basecamp, you can add a name and image to your pings so they’re easier to identify.

Intelligent Canvas Keynote: Revolutionizing Workspaces with AI

Join us for the highly anticipated Miro Keynote as we unveil the future of collaborative work with the Intelligent Canvas. Our presenters, Jen Clark, Jeff Chow, Mark Boyes-Smith, and Sophia Chia, will introduce exciting updates designed to enhance your workflows and productivity. Miro is a home for everyone, and we’re excited to share these innovations with you.

Unveiling Intelligent Canvas: Your Ultimate AI-Powered Innovation Workspace

Brace yourselves for a game-changer! We're thrilled to introduce Intelligent Canvas, a groundbreaking innovation that's about to revolutionize your workspace. Imagine turning hours into minutes with the power of AI—creating summaries, generating diagrams, and getting instant feedback with AI Sidekicks. Whether it's Customer Journey Maps, Roadmaps, or Sprint Planning, our Intelligent Canvas automates it all, taking collaboration to a whole new level.