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Embedding Miro into Your Favorite Tools: A Comprehensive Guide

Expand the functionality of your favorite tools by embedding Miro! This detailed tutorial shows you how to seamlessly integrate Miro boards into various platforms and tools, enhancing your workflow and collaboration. Whether you’re using project management software, design tools, or educational platforms, you’ll learn how to bring the power of Miro's visual collaboration into your daily toolset.

How To Drive Client Results 70% Faster w/ Kate Vasylenko

Clients who are “happy” may still leave you. But clients who are seeing results–and seeing them fast? Now, that increases the value you deliver and decreases the chances that new clients will churn. So, how did this digital marketing agency drive client results 70% faster, increase customer satisfaction scores and start getting glowing feedback from more clients? It was all about strategy.

Zendesk Relate 2024 keynote highlights: AI, CX, WFM, QA, and more

👉 Zendesk Relate 2024 keynote highlights ⚡️ Join CEO Tom Eggemeier, Senior Vice President of Solutions and Product Marketing Lisa Kant, and Senior Vice President of Product Management Paxton Cooper as they announce the launch of autonomous AI agents, workflow automation, agent copilot, Workforce Management and Quality Assurance capabilities — all powered by Zendesk AI.

Prudential's Agile teams drive trust and accelerate PI planning with Miro

Discover how Prudential utilizes Miro to foster innovation and collaboration. With remote and hybrid work environments, Miro has become essential for seamless teamwork and design processes. Agile teams at Prudential leverage Miro for PI planning, retrospectives, and other agile events, promoting transparency and collaboration. By replacing traditional in-person retrospectives with Miro's dynamic interface, Prudential enhances visibility and trust within teams. The recent integration of Jira and Miro streamlines workflows, reducing overhead time and increasing employee satisfaction.

Facilitate Flexible Work Schedules For Work-Life Balance

Balancing work and life can be tough when you're trying to manage a team's schedule, especially if your team loves flexibility. Workstatus is here to simplify this for you. Challenges: Misaligned Tasks: It's easy for tasks to get confused when everyone works different hours. Lack of Structure: Without a clear plan, work can become chaotic. Scheduling Conflicts: When everyone's working flexibly, it's hard to get the whole team together.