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Psychological Safety with Amy Edmondson & Asana

Join Asana's Joanna Miller with Novartis Professor of Leadership at HBS, Amy Edmondson, in an exclusive conversation on the role of psychological safety in the workplace. Building on her talk from Asana's Scale event, Amy shares what is means to truly be a fearless organization, and how individuals and managers alike can role model the work required for psychologically safe, and thus more innovative, workplaces.

Introduction to Courier: Send API, Automations, and Recipient Lists

Welcome to Courier! We're really glad that you chose us to a be part of your journey to building an awesome, sophisticated communication system. In this video, we will give a brief introduction on how you can navigate our documentation and build your notifications with Courier using our APIs. We will also build a sample email digest and go demonstrate how the data log can be utilized for better observability into your outgoing notifications.

Miro Customer Service - Scaling teams, building a unicorn culture, and shaping the product roadmap

Oleg Krasnov is the Head of Support Excellence at Miro, an online collaborative whiteboard platform that enables distributed teams to work effectively together with over 20 Mn+ users. He is an evangelist for outstanding customer relations with 13+ years in tech spanning various industries having worked with companies such as Microsoft, Selectel, Zeptolab, etc.