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How to Configure an Email Ticketing System with Invgate Service Desk

Handling IT support through email can be challenging, but adding an email ticketing system might help you put some order into the chaos. This means that by using it, you can meet the customer where they are and you wouldn't need any training for the end-users. In this video, you will see how to configure an email ticketing system in less than 5 minutes with InvGate Service Desk.

Basecamp: How we run Product Strategy using Basecamp

How do we decide what to do? Organize all the ideas? Discuss, review, and choose? We do it all in Basecamp. Here's a tour of our Project Strategy project in Basecamp (with some cameos from other projects too). I hope this gives a nice glimpse of how it all goes down. Have questions? Please post them in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer. And, if there are enough, maybe I'll do another video showing the answers rather than just typing them.

How Zendesk Does Knowledge Management Vol. 3 Community Event

Recently the Community hosted our 3rd KCS event where we took a look into how Zendesk handles Knowledge Management. Our experts from our Self Service Team showcased their best practices around KCS and explained the importance of the solve/evolve loop and how it can identify any gaps missed by Knowledge-Centered Support. We also sat down with customers and addressed questions live from the community on our topic of focus!

DeskTrack Employees Productivity Monitoring Software To Boost Remote Employee Productivity

Is your workplace unproductive because your employees are wasting time? The biggest reason is that companies do not properly monitor their teams. The traditional method is used to monitor employees. Nowadays, employee monitoring is increasingly automated. Most employers currently use employee monitoring software to keep an eye on their employees in an easy and effective manner, so they can move their teams toward greater productivity.