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Designing the Perfect Mobile Push Notification

Here at Courier, we recently announced a new focus on mobile notifications, which is the next big step to meeting our goals for our product. The biggest reason to focus on mobile is because it will drastically improve the user experience for anyone using mobile apps - which at this point, is everyone. This post explores the importance of building better quality mobile notifications and how to go about creating them.

Courier Raised a $35M Series B to Make Notifications Delightful

We’re excited to announce that we’ve raised $35M to provide engineering teams with fantastic notification infrastructure! The round was led by GV with participation from our existing investors at Bessemer Venture Partners and Matrix Partners. “Courier is building the future of notification infrastructure. The company has a fast-growing set of customers with a need to provide the best possible notification experience.

How to Get GDPR and Customer Communications Right

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was big news for companies when it came into effect in 2018. It aimed to put more controls on how organizations manage the personal data of their EU-based users. Since the law’s enactment in 2018, some US states, such as California and Virginia, followed suit and passed their own data privacy laws for their respective residents. Companies that do business in those regions now have to ensure they comply with these legal requirements.

Engineering at a High-Growth Startup with CTO at Hightouch, Josh Curl

Welcome to the "Hacking the Engineering Process" meetup! Data infrastructure startup Hightouch invented the category of "Reverse ETL", and grew to hundreds of customers such as Spotify and Blizzard in under two years. What's it like working on the tech behind a company experiencing such fast growth? Join us as we go through the entire technical journey, from the early MVP to a hardened system processing billions of data points a day. We'll talk about everything from systems architecture to engineering culture and hiring.

Syncing customer data with Hightouch: Crafting Saas

Join Courier pigeons Nica and Shreya as we talk to Hightouch team members Mary and Andrew about how to sync customer data with Hightouch. The Courier and Hightouch integration means that you can send notifications using just a user ID and rely on the integration to find all the contact info you need for your users.