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How To Get A Slack Discovery API Token | Discovery API Docs | Slack

This video takes a developer through OAuth and token creation, in order to start using the Discovery APIs. In this video, we will request the chat:write bot scope, and the discovery:write and discovery:read user scopes. Since the bot scopes need to be installed at the workspace level, and the discovery scopes need to be installed at the organization level, we will need to make two separate requests.

Introduction to Courier: Send API, Automations, and Recipient Lists

Welcome to Courier! We're really glad that you chose us to a be part of your journey to building an awesome, sophisticated communication system. In this video, we will give a brief introduction on how you can navigate our documentation and build your notifications with Courier using our APIs. We will also build a sample email digest and go demonstrate how the data log can be utilized for better observability into your outgoing notifications.

APIs Are The Prefabrication Of Software

Whether it’s for building a company, monitoring the news, or even making a grocery list, software penetrates every part of the modern western lifestyle. The demand for software far exceeds what developers (and the tech industry as a whole) are capable of supplying from scratch. In order to keep pace with demand, our industry has been increasingly shifting towards a ‘prefabrication’ model of software development via the utilization of third party APIs.


Why You Can't Replace REST with GraphQL

When I Googled “what is GraphQL” to learn more about the network protocols, all I saw was a comparison between REST and GraphQL. Most of the conclusions said, “use GraphQL.” It felt very binary (and trendy, for that matter), which is a problem because each product and use-case is unique. The fact is, whatever is newest and shiniest gets recommended more loudly. But you have to weigh the trade-offs and come up with a solution that is best for your situation.


Three tips to effectively use the Asana API

KlientBoost is a digital marketing agency that primarily focuses on direct response and bottom of funnel marketing through PPC, CRO, SEO, and email marketing. At KlientBoost, we value visibility and communication, which is why we have an Asana project for each of our clients dedicated to the work being done for them. Clients can access this project as Guests, in order to stay up to date on any relevant communications or updates.


Mattermost integrations: Sending and receiving data with the Mattermost API

In the first three installments in this series, you learned how to send and request data with outgoing webhooks, incoming webhooks, and slash commands. In this article, you learn how to do this with the Mattermost API. Setting up webhooks or slash commands in Mattermost is very easy. Using the Mattermost API requires a few more steps. At the same time, the API is way more versatile and powerful than the other methods. Once you have made your first connection to the API, you will love it!

Courier Live: Exploring the Brand New Courier Lists API Using Postman

Arlemi Turpault from Postman joins Aydrian and shows him how to use Postman to explore the Courier API. Click "Show More" to jump to key moments in the video. Courier: The smartest way to design & deliver notifications. Design once, deliver to any channel with one API.

Courier Live: Sending Notifications via Microsoft Teams

Aydrian and Tony update an existing notification to support Microsoft Teams and work on creating a bot that can be used with Courier. Click "Show More" to jump to key moments in the video. Courier: The smartest way to design & deliver notifications. Design once, deliver to any channel with one API.