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7 best open-source chat APIs for businesses

A reliable communication platform is imperative for businesses to communicate with customers and colleagues. Chat applications are becoming popular as they make collaboration easier and faster. Open-source chat APIs are a great way to integrate chat abilities into an existing application or deploy them stand-alone for live stream chat. In this blog, we have curated the best open-source chat API solutions for instant messaging and the benefits you can leverage from each.


How to Send Invoice and Add Payment Reminder in Next.js with Courier API

A lot of open-source invoice management apps are built with Laravel. As a Javascript developer, I wanted to build the “React Solution” for devs that are familiar with React and Javascript. A problem I found when building with services in Node.js is that there is no built-in mailer. So, I had to find a 3rd party service to do that for me.


Unlocking new use cases with Miro's REST API

Introducing new and efficient ways to unlock collaboration with REST Connectors and image resource urlsEven after the launch of the Miro Developer Platform earlier this year, our team was still hard at work expanding the capabilities offered by our comprehensive suite of REST API endpoints. Over the last couple of months, we’ve been focused on the most requested features and functionalities.