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A+ integrations

Yext User History (Support) reveals a requester’s journey through your Yext Search experiences—up until and after case creation. Arm your agents with this data so they can provide more relevant answers. The component displays all of the actions a customer has taken in Yext search. With this visibility, your agents can both communicate more efficiently with customers as well as identify gaps in documentation that haven’t effectively answered the customer’s questions.


4 ways you can use our new Bannerbear integration to create even better dashboards

We recently shipped a new Geckoboard integration for Bannerbear. Why should you care? Because now you can generate snazzy images and graphics that display instantly on your Geckoboard dashboard. From live weather reports, to more engaging ways to visualize customer feedback, the possibilities are endless. And the best part is, you can automate the entire process, end-to-end. What is Bannerbear?


The Four Types of Integration for Software Delivery: Pros and Cons

If you’re looking to improve efficiency in your software delivery organization, a good first step is to integrate your toolchain and automate workflows. The software delivery life cycle is complex and involves many specialists who each require specialized tools. Integration allows information to flow seamlessly from tool to tool, knitting your software delivery toolchain into a single connected value stream.


Building a Slack Integration for Your SaaS Notification System

For many organizations, Slack is the software of choice for business communication. Slack’s ubiquity in modern companies makes it one of the first notification integrations a SaaS company might want to build, possibly after email and mobile push notifications. In our experience, Slack notifications are a great way to reach business users (as Slack is mostly used in a business context) with time-sensitive alerts or action items while they’re at work.


Integrations to brighten up your month

Lodago (Support) (Sell) optimizes your online appointment booking so you can save time, energy, and money. Make appointment scheduling as easy as possible so that you can boost your productivity and sales. You send interactive emails to your prospects from your CRM. The availability of your calendar is integrated inside the email. Your prospect opens your email and can choose a time slot directly inside the email, without leaving their inbox.


Vivantio's New Integration with Microsoft Power BI

As a provider of a Unified Service Management Platform, Vivantio allows you to seamlessly switch on integrations with virtually any other essential business application for a holistic view of your customers. Whether it’s JIRA, Active Directory or, as we will show you today, Microsoft Power BI, you can easily use these tools in concert with each other to get the data your team needs.


3 types of Miro integrations that optimize your hybrid tech stack

While hybrid and remote work have opened up some exciting opportunities for teams, these models also may introduce the potential for silos, security challenges, and communication issues. Optimizing your hybrid tech stack is a huge piece of the puzzle. We all remember the early stages of the remote working era when companies were layering on tool after tool, struggling to find something that worked for our teams.

time doctor

Third Party Integration Capabilities with Time Doctor's Chrome Extension Give You Better Workday Insights

Here at Time Doctor, we know that third-party integration capabilities have become an important factor when selecting the best software for your teams. The more integrations we can offer, the more insightful we can make your time tracking capabilities and the bigger impact that can make on your organization’s overall productivity.