GitHub Integration for Miro: 2 Way Data Sync with GitHub Issues

GitHub Integration for Miro: 2 Way Data Sync with GitHub Issues

Jun 10, 2024

The GitHub integration for Miro introduces a realtime, 2 way data sync between GitHub Issues and Miro. The video shows how to choose a repository, import issues, and then update and sync those updates all within Miro, without leaving your Miro board. All updates to GitHub issues will be updated to GitHub in real time. You will also learn how to create multiple GitHub issues at once by selecting sticky notes and then converting those Miro Sticky Notes into GitHub Issues. Those converted sticky notes will appear as app cards on the board. You will also learn how to paste a GitHub issue link directly into Miro, which will convert that link into an app card on Miro, which you can update and sync with your GitHub issues.

The app enhances collaboration across platforms, reducing costs for product and engineering organizations, and increasing efficiency. With all these features and more coming soon, this integration facilitates better product planning, streamlined agile rituals, and enhanced brainstorming sessions.

Learn from Horea Porutiu, Senior Developer Advocate at Miro and Peter Marquez, Chief Customer Officer at ServiceRocket, about the full functionality of the GitHub for Miro app and the value it brings to Product and Engineering teams working in Miro.

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00:00 - Intro

00:23 - Inspiration for GitHub Integration for Miro

00:48 - GitHub for Miro app intro

01:13 - GitHub for Miro app Import Issues

01:49 - Edit and Update GitHub Issues in Miro

02:39 - Create multiple GitHub Issues at once from Miro Sticky Notes

03:56 - Paste GitHub Issue Link to Create App Card in Miro

04:30 - Closing remarks for integration