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TrackingTime for Marketing Agencies

Learn how to get the most out of TrackingTime if you work in a Marketing Agency 🚀 When it comes to profitability, efficiency, and productivity, time-tracking tools are game-changers at marketing agencies. They also enable you to make better decisions as a leader. Features like custom fields, project management, work schedules and pace can simplify your daily work⚡ It’s easy to get started with time tracking software, and you’re bound to realize the benefits almost immediately.

Why you should upgrade today from TDC to Time Doctor 2

Here at Time Doctor, we are continually building new features and releasing upgrades to our product to ensure that our customers have the best possible experience. With that in mind, we created this short video to share the top reasons that customers upgrade to our latest version, Time Doctor 2. Some of our longtime customers still use our first platform or previous version which we call, Time Doctor Classic.

How to migrate to InvGate Service Desk in one day

Forget about time-consuming setups when migrating from one #helpdesk to another. You can do so in just a day with InvGate Service Desk! Whether you are migrating from another service or if it’s your first time with a Service Management tool, there is a lot of foundation data you’ll need to have at hand before starting. This step-by-step guide shows you how to import - or quickly create - users, a #servicecatalog, and a #knowledgebase.