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Jira Work Management Monthly Minute: February 2024 | Atlassian

Get the latest Jira Work Management updates in our February Monthly Minute. Manage attachments, use forms on mobile, create issues more easily, and more. Jira Work Management makes it easy for business teams to collaborate, align, and deliver work, all in one place. Connect with Jira Work Management and Atlassian.

Seamless Jira Cards Integration in Miro: Enhance Your Project Management

Transform your project management approach with the seamless integration of Jira cards in Miro! This tutorial is a deep dive into connecting Jira to Miro, designed to streamline your workflow and bring a new level of efficiency to your projects. Whether you're a beginner or looking to use Miro like a pro, these tips and tricks will unlock new potentials in your collaborative efforts.

Google Workspace in Miro: Boost Your Productivity with THIS Integration

Unleash the full potential of Google Workspace within your Miro boards! This detailed tutorial guides you through integrating Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Google Sheets into Miro, creating a powerful, unified workspace. Whether you're just starting with Miro or looking to use it like a pro, this video is packed with tips and tricks to elevate your productivity and collaboration.