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5 Simple Steps to Automate Your Knowledge Management Process

A Knowledge Management process systematically gathers, organizes, shares, and analyzes an organization's knowledge regarding resources, documents, and people skills. It's designed to help the organization manage its knowledge base or other knowledge assets effectively, ensuring that information is current, accessible, and utilized optimally. Implementing a well-defined Knowledge Management process flow simplifies daily tasks and fortifies the foundation of your business in several key areas.

GitHub Integration for Miro: 2 Way Data Sync with GitHub Issues

The GitHub integration for Miro introduces a realtime, 2 way data sync between GitHub Issues and Miro. The video shows how to choose a repository, import issues, and then update and sync those updates all within Miro, without leaving your Miro board. All updates to GitHub issues will be updated to GitHub in real time. You will also learn how to create multiple GitHub issues at once by selecting sticky notes and then converting those Miro Sticky Notes into GitHub Issues. Those converted sticky notes will appear as app cards on the board.

Salesforce Integration for Miro: 2 Way Data Sync

The Salesforce integration for Miro integrates a real time, 2 way data sync between Salesforce and Miro. This video will show you how to import Salesforce opportunities, accounts, and contacts directly from your Salesforce instance. Once you’ve imported your Salesforce Objects within Miro, you can then edit, update, and collaborate on Salesforce Objects directly in Miro without leaving your Miro board. All updates you make in Miro will be updated in Salesforce in real time. At the end of the video, you will learn a bit more about enhancements which will be made to the app in the future, such as more filtering capabilities.

Unlock the future of intelligent employee experiences | Free Zendesk report

Did you know that satisfied employees lead to satisfied customers? The Zendesk #EXTrends 2024 report shows how AI, easy-to-implement tools, and a focus on security are reshaping the workplace and the employee experience as we know it. Zendesk makes customer service better. We build software to meet customer needs, set your team up for success, and keep your business in sync.