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The (A)sync Game

As knowledge workers, we often ask, “Does this need to be a meeting?” When the answer is no, we are faced with the challenge of asynchronous communication. In this interactive session, we’ll play a game where we will decide and discuss how to communicate and collaborate with others at work: sync or async.You’ll also get a taste of Miro’s latest asynchronous collaboration feature: Talktrack!

Facilitation Can Get You a Seat at the Table

The word “collaboration” shows up in almost every job description. Leaders have to unite teams across cultures, manage across geographies, and gather input across practices. However, most meetings are designed around presentations - a communication tool not a collaboration tool. Jake will share three basic facilitation techniques that will transform your meetings into active collaboration spaces.

New features announcement | Distributed 22

Discover new solutions for collaborating, creating, and innovating in an increasingly digitized and distributed world of work. At Distributed 22 we announced exciting product updates as well as community requests — including Talktrack, Interactive Presentation Mode, and integrations for YouTube, Looker, and Confluence — which will create even better spaces for teams to collaborate and enable new ways of working.

One Canvas, Any Content, Anytime | Distributed22

Join Amanda Botha and Swarna Krishnaswamy as they showcase through real-world examples how to get an enriched collaboration experience by bridging multiple sources of content into one hub while ensuring the content always stays up to date. Learn how to bring your team together and break down barriers to knowledge through useful, relevant interactive visual frames of reference for more contextualized faster decision-making.

Innovation in the Modern Workplace | Distributed22

After several years of focusing almost solely on survival, business executives are starting to re-prioritize innovation-led growth. Derive inspiration from Varun Parmar, Head of Product & Briana Rogers Head of Product Marketing at Miro, as they not only share Miro’s recent innovations but also showcase how companies are using Miro to innovate within their own industries.

Working Smarter Through Your Tech Stack | Distributed22

There’s no amount of tools that can resolve systemic collaborative inefficiencies like communication siloes, ineffective meetings, or time spent looking for information. Join leaders from Slack, Dropbox, and Miro who are thinking about how to enable all teams across an organization, and how you can best optimize your own collaboration stack to make work easier, more engaging, and innovative.

How Organizations are Using Miro to Create a Better World | Distributed 22

Miro’s infinite whiteboard isn’t just for businesses. Countless nonprofit organizations around the world use Miro to develop and run innovative programs to serve their communities and the planet. In this session, we’ll meet a few of these organizations and see how they keep Miro at the heart of their work as they strive to solve some of the biggest challenges facing the world today.

The Human Side of the Way We Work | Distributed22

How have our feelings about — and, thus, their engagement with, relationships at, and perceptions of — work shifted in recent years? In our Distributed ‘22 keynote, Paul D’Arcy, Chief Marketing Officer at Miro, unveils insights from our in-depth exploration of the evolving behavior, preferences, and priorities of today’s employees. Followed by an insightful discussion Katherine von Jan - Chief Strategy Officer, Salesforce Innovation. Walk away with actionable solutions for fostering humanity in the modern workplace.