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How Under Armour drives innovation with Miro

The Under Armour team is deeply committed to designing products that help athletes perform better on the field. In their office, teamwork and collaboration are the mission-critical values they apply to consistently innovate. To keep the collaborative magic alive during a new era of remote and hybrid teams, Under Armor Implemented Miro to create a virtual conference room that keeps conversations inclusive and teams aligned.

The Future of Work: Miro's Vision for Hybrid Teams

Companies worldwide are carefully reopening their offices and embracing a hybrid model — with employees working some days in the office and some from home or elsewhere. For hybrid to be effective and inclusive, those companies need a clear POV and a detailed plan. Here’s ours, as discussed by our leaders. Watch Miro’s Head of Operations Grisha Pavlotsky and Head of Product Varun Parmar talk about the key considerations as we design the next phase of work and how our product strategy works to ensure that our hybrid experiences are inclusive and engaging.

Fostering a Healthy Feedback Culture in Our Teams

Companies and leaders know why feedback is important for helping build relationships. But how can we make sure feedback is healthy and constructive? This VMUG features Maria Belen Senra and Karolina Zajac, Agile Coaches at King, who explore models and exercises you can use to build a culture of healthy feedback within your teams.

Growth marketing 101 - getting started by the TheVentury

Growth marketing is a data-driven process of rapid experimentation across channels and departments, and the businesses that use it can find the best, most efficient ways to grow. In this VMUG, we partner with TheVentury’s Pooja Ahluwalia (CMO & Head of Growth Marketing) and Johannes Prasser (Growth Marketer with a specialization in performance marketing) to guide you through the fundamentals of growth marketing and prepare you to use some of the most important growth marketing tools.

Managing hypergrowth with distributed front end teams

There’s a lot more to Miro than just our boards. Watch our Enterprise and Platform teams discuss how we navigated hypergrowth (scaling from 80 to 300+ engineers in less than two years) by adapting our frontend stack and engineering practices. You’ll gain insights into how we deal with changes that span multiple teams, the internal tooling we revamped to support our engineering growth, and our path to making our platform more accessible.

How design teams redefined collaboration using Miro

New collaborative tools have sprung up in the last two years — and innovative companies and organizations are choosing Miro. Watch product and design experts from Miro, Shopify, Stack Overflow, Founders Factory Africa discuss how they use Miro to navigate remote and hybrid work environments, and to drive collaboration across distributed teams. The highlights include: Miro is an online collaborative whiteboard platform for modern work, helping collocated, distributed, and remote teams work wherever and whenever.