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Navigating tomorrow with Miro

Distributed teams face unique challenges in competitive environments, but one thing is certain: teams that innovate under these circumstances win. See how Miro's newest releases bridge the gap across areas of innovation and tackles challenges across distributed teams. Whether it's AI-powered inspiration or communicating, planning and executing on a shared vision, you'll learn how Miro will help you create the next big thing, regardless of where or how you work.

Miro Talktrack - Give clarity in seconds

Meetings popping up when you have other plans? Record a Talktrack. Think of it as a personal, pre-recorded tour of your thinking built into the Miro board. Now everyone can follow along and understand any concept, all async, adding comments and feedback, whenever and whenever they need it. With a Talktrack, your team is always up to speed, without slowing down, leaving you to get on with more important stuff.

Miro for Product Development Teams

Unlock the power of effective teamwork with Miro, your team's go-to platform for product development. Put an end to siloed teamwork and welcome a single space for innovation and execution. Miro enhances your design sprints, planning sessions, diagramming process, and retrospectives by igniting creativity and aligning big teams to tackle complex problems. It's time to reduce frustration and supercharge collaboration.

AI as a Tool for Creativity in Miro: The Quick Brown Fox Jumps in for a Tool Tour

How can we create by connecting organic intelligence and AI? Team Marie Beyssac & Martin Gleitsmann will hold space for a creative movement that encourages an organic approach to AI for human-centered designs and solutions. Join this tour of their favorite AI tools and design use cases to inspire new ways of thinking across the Miroverse. In this video: Explore thousands of community-driven templates at, and transform the way you work today..

Using the 16 Design Aspects to Create Intentional Group Experiences in Miro

A great group experience requires a collaborative space for creative thinking, exploring ideas, agreeing on solutions, and learning together. By applying the 16 Design Aspects to your Miro board, you can create and facilitate incredible experiences for groups from three to 800+. Whether you’re new to Miro or an experienced Creator, this session is for you! In this video: Explore thousands of community-driven templates at, and transform the way you work today.#Miroverse#Miro community#16 design aspects#workshop#online collaboration#templates#community-driven templates.

Find the root cause with a fishbone exercise

Identifying the root cause of a problem is crucial to finding effective solutions. In this video, we'll walk you through the process of conducting a fishbone (Ishikawa) exercise using Miro. Discover how to structure your analysis, brainstorm potential causes, and drill down to the core issues at hand. By the end of this video, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and tools to conduct a fishbone exercise and uncover the root causes of complex problems in Miro.