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Expert Tips to Uncomplicate Your Product Strategy (Webinar Video Included)

Marty Cagan, founder of the Silicon Valley Product Group, once wrote: “Most product organizations I meet don’t even have a product strategy.” If your team has a similar challenge, and you’re not sure how to develop your own product strategy, keep reading. We’ve got some expert suggestions for you.

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Productivity Monitoring Software Vs Time Tracking Tools

These days, organisations are constantly seeking ways to achieve more with less. To scale their operations and maximise efficiency, companies are exploring innovative tools and techniques to help manage their workforce. ‍ A key priority in this effort is tracking productivity, which can provide critical insights into how resources are utilised during the scaling process.


How to Create a Winning Product Strategy: The Role of Market Research in Strategic Planning

Product strategy is the process of defining and communicating how a company’s products or services will meet customer needs and achieve business goals. A successful product strategy requires careful planning, market analysis, and customer research. In this blog post, we’ll explore the role of market research in strategic planning and how to create a winning product strategy.


Feedback Collection: Don't Over-rely on it, Product Managers

In response to customer complaints that it was becoming confusing to figure out whether they were viewing the DVD-rental or on-demand portion of the Netflix site, the company’s CEO decided to split these two services into separate businesses — and charge for each individually. The result was an updated Netflix subscription that offered streaming content only, and a new standalone DVD-rental service called Qwikster.

craft Now Integrates with Miro and Axure is continually adding more workflow capabilities to our end-to-end product management platform. Recently, for example, we announced integrations for design tools Figma, Adobe XD, and InVision. And now, you’ll find even more visual collaboration tools integrated into your workspace — specifically Miro and the wireframing and prototyping app Axure.


MoSCoW: The Simple Framework for Effective Prioritization

In any product development process, it’s essential to identify what needs to be done and prioritize the work items effectively. Prioritizing can be tricky, especially when dealing with numerous requirements! Lucky for us, that’s where the MoSCoW method comes in handy. The MoSCoW method is a prioritization framework that helps product teams categorize their work items based on the order of their importance.