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Understanding OKRs for project management

OKRs can be a powerful tool in an organization’s arsenal for creating alignment, focusing on outcomes instead of just effort or task completions, and surfacing the right operational priorities. They’re just as powerful within departments and teams, and it’s in this latter area that project managers often start to get involved in the OKR process. But what about using OKRs within the project management discipline?


People-First Culture is Here: Enterprises Looking to Build Out Experience Management Programs

In today's IT industry, customer experience is often lauded as essential to a company's success. But what about the employees? They're actually interfacing with customers daily, so their experience is just as significant – if not more so. That's why enterprises are looking to build out digital employee experience programs, according to HappySignals’s latest report.


The Cost of a Bad Hire? TRIPLE their Salary!!!!

Recruitment, especially in tech, is seriously hard work. Even just for one new team member. Listing a job, sifting through applicants, interviewing them, re-interviewing the best, negotiating an offer… It’s a lot. Imagine going through all of that, finally hiring a candidate, and waiting for their start date to arrive – only to discover that they’re totally wrong for the job, and completely at odds with your company values.


10 Ways to Develop Employee Self-Management Skills in the Workplace

Imagine you are working for an organization and facing immense pressure from the senior manager to complete the given task. However, you are unable to finish the same by the given deadline which eventually brings in more pressure. You might be facing this work pressure and deadline issue for a long, but have you ever given thought to why? This is where self-management skills come into the role. Managing your work by using the right skills can certainly bring down your pressure.


About User Availability in OneDesk

In OneDesk, your resource management tools, such as the workload view, make use of the user’s availability. User availability is calculated based on their working hours and the amount of work assigned to them. The user calendar is a view that is available for each user of your organization. The user calendar allows you to set a user’s individual working hours, create vacation events, and view an individual’s planned and actual work.


How to Conduct Performance Reviews with Remote Employees: Tips and Strategies

More and more businesses are using remote employees to save money on office space and related costs. They are also doing this to take advantage of a larger talent pool. But while managing a remote team can be a great way to boost productivity, it also comes with challenges. The most important thing when you have a remote team is to review their work regularly. This blog post will discuss tips for conducting effective performance reviews with your remote employees.


How Decoupling Notifications from Your Application's Code Empowers Product Managers

As a product manager, have you ever had to say no to improving your app’s notifications because of how complex the project seemed? If yes, you’re not alone. At Courier, we frequently see product teams deciding not to work on notifications. And PMs aren’t making that decision because a good notification experience is not important for their SaaS product or service — quite the opposite.


Measuring the ROI of employee engagement in 5 steps

Subscribers to our blog and podcast series know that Simpplr strives to share tips, tricks and best practices for connecting workforces all across the globe. And subscribers also recognize that this connection significantly impacts ROI. But, how does one prove this to be true? Well, we’re coming in hot with our latest helpful offering – How to Get the HR Resources You Need, By Showing Leadership the ROI They Want—In 5 Steps.


How to Write a Project Management Report

Depending on the size and importance of the project, the project manager must systematically present project management report on its implementation to interested parties – colleagues, clients, and investors. What are the reports for? Thanks to them, it is possible to quickly and objectively assess the state of work execution, and reschedule certain points related to the project budget, work deadlines, etc.


Payroll Management Software for Faster & Accurate Payroll Processing

Payroll management is not an easy task, as many companies state it as a very tedious and time-consuming job. And when done manually, it holds a lot of errors during payroll. The payroll processing consists of employee salaries, bonuses, and deductions.