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Team Building

Ready to build your dream developer team? Here's what you need to know.

Now more than ever businesses run on software. That means that your team — whether you’re a “software company” or not — likely includes software developers. Brand and product experiences are increasingly dependent on software, and delivering delightful, compelling experiences depends on having a talented, engaged technical team.

A DIY Boba Making Class For Your Office

Boba tea is climbing the popularity charts, so why not offer a boba making class in the office as a team building event? See how it works. By the Offsyte Team, April 19, 2022 This niche beverage is gaining popularity. Originally from Taiwan, the cold, milky tea beverage has slowly drifted overseas to the U.S. This trendy drink market was valued at$2.4 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow by almost 9% by 2027.

9 team building activities your employees won't hate

If there’s one secret to enhancing your team’s productivity and maximizing efficiency, it’s team-building activities. Imagine working in a company where team members barely collaborate, water cooler conversations are a foreign concept, and everyone’s working in isolated silos. You wouldn’t like it, and neither would your business KPIs. In fact, statistics show that workplace isolation can lead to a 21% drop in performance and productivity.

FAQs About Hosting a Virtual Wine Tasting Party

Used as a team-building event, a virtual wine tasting party brings employees together, creates a sense of community, and encourages communication. Learn more about these events by reading through these FAQs. By the Offsyte Team, April 12, 2022 Virtual wine tasting became a hit during the pandemic, but a growing number of businesses are adopting the event for the office.

Team Trivia: The Many Benefits Behind This Team Building Event

Team trivia is a collaborative event with many benefits. From improved communication to elevated collaboration, team trivia has more advantages than you might suspect. By the Offsyte Team, April 5, 2022 Hosting a team trivia night at the office might seem like a simple game, but its benefits are much more than that. Team trivia helps employees step out of corporate roles and work together in a comfortable setting.

5 Ways To Prevent Employee Burnout in 2022

A growing number of employees feel burned out. Is it happening in your company? Learn the signs to watch for and tips to prevent burnout from taking root in your business. By the Offsyte Team, March 14, 2022 Company burnout is a real thing and COVID didn’t help. 52% of employees feel burned out, and 63% of those people say the pandemic made it worse, according to a 2021 report from Indeed. Every company should work to prevent burnout on their teams.

10 Office Collaboration Stats You Should Know

When you collaborate in the office, you can increase productivity, reduce stress, and decrease employee turnover. Check out these 10 stats that show the power of collaboration. By the Offsyte Team, March 4, 2022 Does your staff collaborate as much as you think in your office? Collaboration and teamwork are vital skills in every workplace. Research shows staff that work well together are more productive, less stressed, and have higher workplace happiness.

5 Ideas to Celebrate Women's History Month in Your Office

March is Women’s History Month. How will your company celebrate? To provide inspiration, we have five suggestions to celebrate women, each with a dash of team building. By the Offsyte Team, March 1, 2022 With a 44-year history, Women’s History Month is celebrated every March. This month-long celebration includes International Women’s Day, which is on March 8. During this time, celebrate the historical and societal impacts made by women.

3 Ways to Help Your Team Have Their Best Memorial Day

What's your office doing to celebrate Memorial Day? Treat your hard-working staff to a virtual team-building event. By the Offsyte Team, February 18, 2022 When was the last time your office hosted a team-building event? The pandemic has left an astonishing 94% of employees stressed out. The weight of the pandemic has forced many people to battle illness, adapt to new work environments, and remain socially distant from others.