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The Future of Work: Reskill to Survive

A job used to be for life. 30 years of dedicated service, in the same career, doing the same thing. Every single day. And that’s what we wanted. Enough money to support a family and savings for retirement – only starting to really live our lives at the end. That’s not what work is anymore. It took a viral pandemic that brought the world to its knees to prove that the future of work isn’t rigid. It’s flexible, adaptable and always evolving with new technology.

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Top 6 Customer Service Training Software for 2021

If you are not sure that your team is able to give an unbeatable experience to your customers, then you probably need to think about high-quality training for your customer service team. The six customer service training software we will be discussing in this post could be a great place to begin. Although advances in chatbots and live chat technology have greatly helped companies improve their customer service game, there is still a need for more!


Training, Accountability and Assessment: Three Priorities for Raising Privacy Awareness Within Your Team

Employees, contractors, and vendors have unparalleled access to company data, requiring careful adherence to data privacy best practices to secure personal information. Unfortunately, many employees are either unaware of these practices or are unwilling (or forgetful) to regularly implement them into their workflows.

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Remote Training: 9 Tools and Tips to Train Your Remote Workforce

Employee training and development is an important contributor to any company’s growth. Over the past few years, small and large businesses have started investing more and more in employee training. This is because effective employee training leads to numerous benefits. Some of these benefits can be increased employee retention, employee satisfaction, increased productivity, and ultimately better ROI for the businesses.