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Oct 22, 2021   |  By Abid Khan
Customer service is hard. Measuring the value of good customer service is even harder. However, only if you have quantifiable data on how well your support team is doing can you improve existing processes, make better staffing decisions, and ensure customer happiness. The best way to get these insights is by measuring customer service key performance indicators or customer service KPIs. In this article, we’ve covered everything you need to know about customer service key performance indicators.
Oct 20, 2021   |  By Varnika Om
According to the latest McKinsey report, the pandemic has redefined online shopping for the customer. Enter, omnichannel retail. With a drastic move to online stores, around 40% of customers have switched brands to those who are better equipped – not just in back-end logistics, but in terms of their customer experience as well.
Oct 19, 2021   |  By Monica Maria
Customer-facing organizations are constantly on the lookout for a customer support solution that can help their support teams prioritize and respond to customers efficiently. Cloud-based helpdesk software is changing the way businesses design and deliver support to customers. At Freshdesk, we have always believed that a cloud-based support solution is the way forward for businesses of all sizes because it helps provide a call center infrastructure that is scalable, efficient, and easy to use.
Oct 14, 2021   |  By Ida Jessie Sagina
Archers and bowmen trained in instinctive shooting have a special skill. Bystanders will see them take their stance, tighten the grip on their bow, and shoot swiftly and accurately by ‘instinct’. But their perfect shot is attributed to consistent practice and extreme focus that builds muscle memory to make their execution so natural and seamless. Persistent and focused efforts by brands to decode shifting customer expectations help in landing the perfect shot at customer delight.
Oct 13, 2021   |  By Michael
A great digital customer experience ensures that your customers feel valued and understood, irrespective of which platform or channel they reach out on, along their customer journey. Each customer interaction needs to be smooth, convenient, and hassle-free. Needless to say, a customer-centric strategy is imperative for both physical and digital customer experiences.
Oct 11, 2021   |  By Akshaya Srikanth
Building a killer customer service resume is the key to standing out and making it to the first round of interviews in the ever-competitive field of customer support. Your resume — the lens through which companies can get a glimpse of you, your experience, and your accomplishments — is the first thing that recruiters will come across. So it’s absolutely crucial that you build an awesome customer service resume.
Oct 8, 2021   |  By Sarah Chambers
Positioning a business around customer service doesn’t happen overnight. It requires the right people, tools, and processes to make it a reality. But investing in building a customer service oriented culture pays off. According to Forbes, customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than companies that don’t focus on customers.1 As the bar continues to rise, more and more companies are trying to figure out what it means to be a customer service oriented business.
Oct 6, 2021   |  By Sarah Chambers
Customer service communication can play a huge role in how customers perceive your brand. For example, here are two ways to let a customer know that an item is out of stock: 1. “I’m sorry, this particular dress isn’t in stock and won’t be in for another two weeks.” Or 2.
Oct 4, 2021   |  By Krishna Charan
Every company has to offer exceptional customer service to carve a niche for themselves in an aggressive market. While it’s a given that companies need to keep their customer service unique and add a personal touch, they can always take a leaf out of companies that deliver the best customer service. The best customer service companies don’t get recognized just for a stroke of brilliance in handling certain moments with the customers.
Oct 1, 2021   |  By Jessica Robinson
Customers no longer want to be held back. Rather, customers want businesses to inspire a sense of independence in them. So, to retain your customers in contemporary times, you need to make them feel empowered. And focussing on customer empowerment is the way to go. If you’re looking for customer empowerment ideas, then you’re in the right place. This resource covers everything you need to know about customer empowerment – the what, the why, and the how.
Sep 20, 2021   |  By Freshworks
Mariano Bañón, Global IT transformation program manager for Webhelp shares his experience of working with Freshservice. Mariano is leading an initiative in Webhelp to simplify IT processes and technology for more than 60.000 employees worldwide. One of the initiatives under the program is to rollout Freshservice across different regions and shared services. In this episode, he will explain how and why Webhelp's IT team made the decision of shifting their IT support strategy, and the challenges they have faced along the way.
Sep 13, 2021   |  By Freshworks
For Comensura, the ability to quickly route queries from their client base to the right group and agents, and resolve them efficiently, is key to delivering great customer service. Comensura have used Freshdesk to increase their resilience, enable new ways of working and achieve their KPIs. Amazing Customer Stories is a video series by Freshworks interviewing leading organizations who have adapted their customer service during the Coronavirus crisis.
Sep 6, 2021   |  By Freshworks
Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph's in his keynote at Freshworks ON Fest spoke about the value of innovation, persistence, and optimism and the Netflix’s inspirational origin story. On August 29, 1997, two men launched an online DVD-rental store with 30 employees and 925 titles. They called it Netflix. Watch the video to listen to Marc Randolph speak about the corporate culture that made Netflix a success and went on to dominate entertainment streaming.
Aug 27, 2021   |  By Freshworks
In this episode of Community Matters, IT Analyst Stephen Mann discusses recent IT trends and the influence of online communities in fostering peer-to-peer support among IT professionals. IT service management is continuously evolving. Organizations are taking steps to ensure meeting higher employee expectations while adapting to workplace reconstruction. A critical piece of the puzzle, sometimes overlooked, involves sharing resources and engaging with peers to achieve efficiency.
Aug 4, 2021   |  By Freshworks
Prakash Ramamurthy CPO, Freshworks) and Micah Solomon (best-selling author, Senior Contributor to Forbes) sit down to discuss the pillars of developing end-user-focused solutions and how talking to customers helps build better products to delight their customers and employees. One key trend emerged across the CX and EX verticals with the pandemic: the shift to digital. We’re driven to help our customers attain digital transformation from a customer and employee experience perspective, says Prakash.
Jul 19, 2021   |  By Freshworks
In the first episode of Fresh Insights, Girish Mathrubootham (Founder and CEO, Freshworks) and Micah Solomon (best-selling author, Senior Contributor to Forbes) discuss building and expanding a global organization to delight and serve businesses of all sizes better. About Fresh Insights: Fresh Insights is a video series that dives deep into the latest thinking from the Freshworks leadership team. Watch to learn more about their perspectives on company culture, product development, go-to-market strategies, and customer experience.
Jun 3, 2021   |  By Freshworks
We kick-started with making sure that you get the most out of the Huddle, walking you through the recent highlights, and sharing things we have in store for 2021. Host: Satwik Hebbar, Director of Engineering, Freshworks Freshworks Huddle is a developer event to provide our developer community with the appropriate knowledge of app development guidelines and support them to continue building best-in-class apps, and to clarify queries about building apps on the Freshworks developer platform.
May 4, 2021   |  By Freshworks
Freshping is a free uptime monitoring software that can check up to 50 URLs every minute.
Apr 5, 2021   |  By Freshworks
With the ever-changing consumer behaviour and uncertain situations, it is very difficult for today's businesses to function without caring about their customers. But caring is not enough, you need to build an emotional connection with them. Simon Johnson, General Manager, UK & I, Freshworks and CX Rockstar James Dodkins in this LinkedIn live discuss what it takes to emotionally connect with your customers.
Feb 3, 2021   |  By Freshworks
Freshworks Neo is a modern, flexible, and intelligent platform that powers all the products in the Freshworks portfolio with enterprise-grade services and provides powerful out-of-the-box capabilities to our customers, partners, and developers.
Aug 1, 2018   |  By Freshworks
In this whitepaper, we discuss, for those businesses, the advantages a helpdesk has over email and lay out just how easy it can be to win customer love.
Aug 1, 2018   |  By Freshworks
This is a sneak-peek of all the things that are in store for you in this guide. By the end of this guide, you should have answers to these questions: What is an online helpdesk and why do I need one? What kind of online helpdesk is best for my business? ITSM or customer support? Hosted or on-premise? How do I put together a feature list? What if I have no idea what I need?
Jul 1, 2018   |  By Freshworks
The key to winning in today's 'Age of the Customer' centres on the staging of hyper-personalized, meaningful experiences throughout the entire omnichannel customer journey. To achieve this requires an integrated customer-excellence vision that bridges the divide between the physical and digital worlds.
Jul 1, 2018   |  By Freshworks
To the outside world, customer service agents are the face of any business. They influence how people perceive brands and are directly responsible for the retention and churn rates for any organisation. This is not an easy responsibility to shoulder, especially if you're new to the industry.
Jun 1, 2018   |  By Freshworks
When 76% of consumers say they view customer service as the true test of how much a company values them, you have to make sure that your strategy, and tool, are top notch. Here's a collection of best practices, drawn from our conversations with customers, to help you improve your agents' productivity and win customer love.
Jun 1, 2018   |  By Freshworks
What do you do to make sure your customers remain loyal to you? You need to earn your customer's trust and also keep it. How important is it? History shows how well known brands have ignored their customers and suffered for it.

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