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Optimize Operations and Drive Business Growth | Freshworks

Imagine unlocking actionable insights, enhancing operational efficiency, and boosting customer service performance - all without the need for cumbersome analytical reports. Generative AI tirelessly analyzes performance data, identifies critical insights, and proposes optimizations that go beyond expectations. Need proof? Freshworks' beta customers efficiently directed over 14,700 tickets, saving agents a staggering 83% of time on ticket triaging. Whether your aim is streamlined operations or catalyzing business growth, watch how generative AI empowers organizations to achieve more with less.

How To Create Effective Cybersecurity Policies

In today's hyper-connected world, where we live, work, and play online, cybersecurity awareness isn't just a buzzword; it's a digital survival skill. In this video, our Freshworks infosec experts Navapriya Mohankumar and Ramya Subramanian guide you with insightful tips to create a clear, easy-to-understand, and measurable cybersecurity policy. As simple as enjoying a pizza 🍕🛡️🔒

Unlocking Agent Productivity with Generative AI | Freshworks

Generative AI is not only making life easier for customers who want quick answers to their questions, it’s making life easier for the agents who are dedicated to delivering a top-notch customer experience. See how generative AI is being used to help support teams respond faster, boost productivity, and save time. And be sure to check out how AI can be your personal productivity amplifier in our free guide to unlocking the power of AI for customer support.

#WinWithMarketplace: Calendar Integration apps with Freshservice

As businesses grow in today's fast-paced world, they routinely face new challenges in their tech stack. A key aspect of overcoming these challenges is having the right product at your disposal to help you do more and be more! Freshworks customers can count on Freshworks Marketplace to solve their integration, customization, and automation needs. Freshworks Marketplace houses more than 1300 apps that solve customers' essential business needs by helping them extend their Freshworks experience.

Efficient Patch Management Lifecycle Enhances Digital Ops| Be Unstoppable with Freshservice + SecPod

As companies evolve to prepare business operations for the VUCA world, cybersecurity remains one of the top priorities. Traditional patching practices are proving to be inadequate for the rapidly expanding needs of businesses today. With more organizations adopting work-from-anywhere mode, patch management is more important than ever to secure employee and customer data. In this talk, Jagsir of SecPod sheds light on how an efficient and fast patch management lifecycle can enhance digital operations as well as improve end-user experience.

Ensure Critical Resources Reach Distributed Workforce | Be Unstoppable with Freshservice + Splashtop

As more organizations adopt distributed work, this shift has introduced a new set of challenges when it comes to delivering IT services and resources employees need, seamlessly and securely, wherever they are. How can businesses ensure that their critical resources can reach users without being restricted by geography? We interviewed Justin to understand from him how remote desktop solutions can enable companies to receive more value from their IT investments.

Empower Your Team with Razor-sharp IT Visibility | Be Unstoppable with Freshservice +Device42

With growing IT infrastructure complexities and new system dependencies coming into play, companies are increasingly looking for powerful solutions that provide them 360° visibility into their on-premise and cloud infrastructure. For our very first interview, we invited Mike to tell us why having a single source of truth for all your IT needs is the key to business continuity and providing an ‘always-on’ IT experience that delights your employees.

What is Freshworks Analytics?

Analytics is built for for every Freshworks Customer. With Analytics, you can deep dive into your data and obtain insights, specific to your business. Analytics is a no-code platform built for everyone - you decide which metrics you want to track, how you want to see them and you can do it without having to write even a single line of code. Power-packed features to help with business insights.