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What Is The Science Of Delight?

According to neuroscientist David Eagleman, your brain isn't a single entity. It is a parliament. And three systems are responsible for delight. In our global live+virtual event Refresh 2021, at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, David presented his keynotes on certain aspects of ‘making delight easy’ for customers and employees of various businesses: the science of delight. David explained the decision-making process of the human brain along three intricately intertwined phenomena: evaluation, emotion, and the social context.

Freshworks Presents The Art Of Easy

“Delighting customers should be easy.” says Girish Mathrubootham, the founder and CEO of Freshworks. In this video, we explain The Art of Easy and how Freshworks does it. To make delight easy for customers, businesses must champion what Girish called ‘the art of easy’: focusing on the customer and employee experience, solving their problems quickly.

How Webhelp Tackled Challenges During Their IT Transformation With Freshworks

Mariano Bañón, Global IT transformation program manager for Webhelp shares his experience of working with Freshservice. Mariano is leading an initiative in Webhelp to simplify IT processes and technology for more than 60.000 employees worldwide. One of the initiatives under the program is to rollout Freshservice across different regions and shared services. In this episode, he will explain how and why Webhelp's IT team made the decision of shifting their IT support strategy, and the challenges they have faced along the way.

How Comensura Managed to Route Tickets to the Right Teams Using Freshdesk

For Comensura, the ability to quickly route queries from their client base to the right group and agents, and resolve them efficiently, is key to delivering great customer service. Comensura have used Freshdesk to increase their resilience, enable new ways of working and achieve their KPIs. Amazing Customer Stories is a video series by Freshworks interviewing leading organizations who have adapted their customer service during the Coronavirus crisis.

How Netflix Started: The Inspirational Success Story

Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph's in his keynote at Freshworks ON Fest spoke about the value of innovation, persistence, and optimism and the Netflix’s inspirational origin story. On August 29, 1997, two men launched an online DVD-rental store with 30 employees and 925 titles. They called it Netflix. Watch the video to listen to Marc Randolph speak about the corporate culture that made Netflix a success and went on to dominate entertainment streaming.

Reimagining ITSM With Online Communities | Community Matters ft. Stephen Mann

In this episode of Community Matters, IT Analyst Stephen Mann discusses recent IT trends and the influence of online communities in fostering peer-to-peer support among IT professionals. IT service management is continuously evolving. Organizations are taking steps to ensure meeting higher employee expectations while adapting to workplace reconstruction. A critical piece of the puzzle, sometimes overlooked, involves sharing resources and engaging with peers to achieve efficiency.

How To Better Serve Your Customer by Prakash Ramamurthy, CPO, Freshworks

Prakash Ramamurthy CPO, Freshworks) and Micah Solomon (best-selling author, Senior Contributor to Forbes) sit down to discuss the pillars of developing end-user-focused solutions and how talking to customers helps build better products to delight their customers and employees. One key trend emerged across the CX and EX verticals with the pandemic: the shift to digital. We’re driven to help our customers attain digital transformation from a customer and employee experience perspective, says Prakash.

The Power of Culture (Happy Employees = Happy Customers) by Girish Mathrubootham, CEO, Freshworks

In the first episode of Fresh Insights, Girish Mathrubootham (Founder and CEO, Freshworks) and Micah Solomon (best-selling author, Senior Contributor to Forbes) discuss building and expanding a global organization to delight and serve businesses of all sizes better. About Fresh Insights: Fresh Insights is a video series that dives deep into the latest thinking from the Freshworks leadership team. Watch to learn more about their perspectives on company culture, product development, go-to-market strategies, and customer experience.