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Effective active listening: Examples, techniques & exercises

What if we told you listening wasn’t as simple as, well, just listening? In fact, different types of listening go beyond learning—you can also listen to improve your relationships, deepen your connections, and build trust. In this article, we’ll walk you through the different types of listening and show you how active listening can help you listen to understand—not just respond.

6 ways to develop adaptability in the workplace and embrace change

Workplace adaptability helps you react effectively to a variety of situations. In this article, we’ll cover six ways to develop your adaptability skills, including how to become a better problem solver, embrace change, keep an open mind, practice mindfulness, and push yourself out of your comfort zone. The workplace is an ever-changing, dynamic place. A campaign that works brilliantly one day totally flops the next. The colleague you’ve always relied on is suddenly out on leave.

How to define roles and responsibilities for team success

It’s challenging to stick to a project plan without clearly defined roles and responsibilities. When you define team roles, you can help teammates collaborate and work through projects more efficiently. In this guide, we’ll explain how to establish roles and responsibilities and why doing so will benefit your team’s mission. You know that chaotic feeling of managing a project where roles and responsibilities are unclear?

How to take effective meeting notes: Templates and tips

Taking good meeting notes is an important project management skill to have. By providing your stakeholders with good meeting notes, you’re offering clarity into important conversations and key decisions being made, even if they’re unable to make the meeting. In this article, we discuss different note-taking techniques so you can create effective meeting notes. Meetings are an important part of projects—they are where decisions get made and team members connect with each other.

What is project management? Benefits, process, and tools

Not every company or team has a formal project management process. Whether you work at a large organization or a fast-growing startup, formal project management may not be something your team has prioritized yet. But now, you’re finding it increasingly difficult to stay organized and collaborate with teammates. You might be wondering if you need project management—except that’s just a thing for teams with dedicated project managers, right?

How Asana streamlines marketing strategic planning with work management

As a leader in the productivity and work management software space, the team at Asana knows a thing or two about effective strategic planning. So it makes sense that Asana’s marketing department relies on their own product to map out, track, and report on their key initiatives. Leading this effort is Isaac Payne, Asana’s Head of Digital, Marketing Operations and Analytics. Payne’s role is multifaceted.

Asana Unveils AI Teammates to Tackle Complex Workflows and Elevate Teamwork

Asana's Proprietary Data Model, The Work Graph®, Provides the Ideal Structure for AI Teammates to Collaborate with People in the Flow of Work, Power Customized Workflows, Triage Risks, Action Projects, and Reallocate Work to Achieve Goals Faster.

How executives and individual contributors differ when it comes to AI

This article was originally published on Reworked. We live in an era where technology zips and zags through our lives. AI is seemingly everywhere—yet it’s also entangled in a mess of buzzwords and grand promises. In many ways, AI is a transformative technology. But when we look back on history, its promises and challenges are not all that unique. History teaches us that technology implementation is always complex and rarely goes as planned.

Cost control 101: Optimize your project expenses

Cost control involves identifying expenses and finding ways to reduce them to increase company profits. In this piece, we’ll explain what cost control is and how cost control fits into the cost management system. Cost control is an essential part of any financial strategy. When monitoring your company’s finances, how can you stay within budget?

Unmasking impostor syndrome: 15 ways to overcome it at work

Whether you’re personally dealing with imposter syndrome or trying to prevent it on your team, we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll walk you through what imposter syndrome is and how to overcome it from both the individual's and the manager's perspectives. No one wants to feel like an imposter at work. But the truth is, imposter syndrome is a real thing that can negatively impact mental health and well being.