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Mar 25, 2022   |  By Leapmax
In these changing times, the necessity for remote work has grown quickly. That exigency is unlikely to fade away immediately. Maybe it won’t go away at all for many businesses. Even before this shift, there was a growing appreciation of the possibilities that remote work solutions presented. Virtual interactions were becoming more seamless because of technological advances. Prospective employers were profiting from the diminished significance of location in talent management.
Mar 23, 2022   |  By Leapmax
As companies return to the office, finalising plans for remote work or a hybrid approach, there is an opportunity to gather data on productivity and employee behaviour to make more informed decisions around people, processes and technology.
Mar 21, 2022   |  By Leapmax
Monitoring your remote workforce with agent performance monitoring tools is the new normal. Here’s how you can put the tools to your good use. In this age of ‘work from home culture’, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to monitor the productivity of their employees. Agents working from home for prolonged periods are losing motivation and the quality of their work is deteriorating. Organizations find it hard to provide quality client support to their customers.
Mar 21, 2022   |  By Leapmax
One of the most important driving factors of a healthy business is employee productivity. The way we measure employee productivity has been evolving for years. To manage today’s workforce, companies need to continue to embrace new tools, boost employee engagement, set clear expectations and regularly stay in touch. It is the only way for enterprises to compete successfully in a technological reality that is undeniably here to stay.
Feb 28, 2022   |  By Leapmax
According to a report by Microsoft, around 70% of workers expect the remote work ecosystem to continue. The report further adds that 65% of them are looking for more in-person time with their colleagues. These contrasting trends point out that a working hybrid ecosystem is the reality of modern times that is here to stay in the long run.
Feb 14, 2022   |  By Leapmax
Remote working environments involve employees operating virtually or online instead of working at a physical campus. They connect to the company workspace and co-workers via certain software. While working flexible employee performance tracking is one of the factors that organizations always wanted to keep an eye on. According to Owl Labs, around 16% of enterprises globally have rolled out 100% remote working environments.
Jan 18, 2022   |  By Leapmax
Employee computer monitoring software covers the major factors of analyzing how your remote workforce is supposed to perform and what they actually do. It measures employee productivity on a broader level and draws the line between productive vs non-productive performance behavior. Thus, when it comes to choosing out of all the options you get in the market, please consider the below information before taking any step.
Jan 7, 2022   |  By Leapmax
Call center productivity should be treated as a major aspect that cannot be overlooked especially when the goal is about boosting SLAs (service level agreements). To be successful in operations, organizations need to be mindful of the process efficiency and how agents perform.
Jan 5, 2022   |  By Leapmax
Remote workforce management software has become a crucial aspect for maintaining business efficiency since it created opportunities for businesses to track and monitor the productivity of the workforce remotely. Work from home getting on a bigger scale needs massive support technologically that has a tendency to be cost-efficient and help businesses thrive productively.
Jan 2, 2022   |  By Leapmax
Employee monitoring has become a buzzword in every industry since the pandemic hit businesses. From the time organizations started adopting remote work as a new normal, the leaders have become more conscious of ensuring that their remote employees are actually working when they work from home. That is why more and more companies understand the need of enabling such a tool for employee monitoring that can foster their regular operations and protect their resources.

Employee performance behavior decides the overall productivity of an organization. When operational efficiency matters - Leapmax can be your perfect fit for creating compliant, productive, and flexible workspaces.

Take a visual approach to how your hybrid teams function on a daily basis through employee monitoring software. Identify the gaps in productive and non-productive work behavior with user activity tracking that will help managers to measure, analyze and improve employee productivity. Employee monitoring systems ensure that there is efficacy in employee performance and stability in daily operations.

Manage your distributed workforces with our product capabilities:

  • Applications and website usage: View real-time activity status of employees and the time they spent on each application.
  • Remote co-browsing: Get access to the user's system remotely to check activity and help them thrive in co-existing space.
  • Collaboration suite: Foster communication by providing employees the right tools to be in sync with supervisors and coworkers.
  • AI-based SOP compliances: Match users' profiles with the latest camera image through quick AI-backed identification.
  • Screen captures: Check daily and hour wise reports while tracking productivity through regular screenshots.
  • Actionable analytics: Get an overview of the entire day's time spent on various websites and applications

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