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How Dropbox's Virtual First Toolkit in Miro supercharges distributed teamwork

Chances are that you are reading this from your home office (AKA bedroom, living room, or even kitchen). By now, many of us are not only used to working remotely, but have uncovered some real opportunities for efficiency. With our Virtual First strategy for distributed teams, Dropbox committed early on to guiding employees on the behavioral shifts necessary and to providing resources to be effective working from virtually anywhere.

How Under Armour drives innovation with Miro

The Under Armour team is deeply committed to designing products that help athletes perform better on the field. In their office, teamwork and collaboration are the mission-critical values they apply to consistently innovate. To keep the collaborative magic alive during a new era of remote and hybrid teams, Under Armor Implemented Miro to create a virtual conference room that keeps conversations inclusive and teams aligned.

How Bank of New Zealand Uses Flow Metrics and Insights to Drive Business Outcomes

Paul Littlefair, Technology Executive at Bank of New Zealand, shares how BNZ uses Tasktop and Flow Metrics to get definitive visibility into product delivery and drive improvements. Insights into flow help ensure the bank can achieve its outcomes and provide next-generation technology that supports the human element of banking.

BMW's Approach to Software Development at Scale with Value Stream Management

René Te-Strote is a chief project lead at BMW Central IT. He’s been with the company for 17 years and heavily involved in its agile transformation, which was driven by titanic shifts in the automotive industry. “Today vehicles are packed with software. Hundreds of millions of lines of code are running in cars and in the backend,” says René on a recent webinar. BMW’s IT department has had to become faster, more innovative, and increasingly focused on quality.

Customer Story: UNO MINDA saves 10 percent of its workforce time using Zoho Projects

UNO MINDA Group is engaged in manufacturing, development, and sales of diverse auto components for both global & domestic markets. Watch how Zoho Projects has helped their organization in bringing visibility to every stage of their operations. They were looking for a lightweight, easy-to-use tool and easy-to-deploy tool to manage their projects. Zoho Projects fit all their criteria and enhanced the collaboration in their workforce thereby making their project management process simpler.

Wake Forest University Improves Access With Vivantio

In late 2019, Wake Forest University (WFU) was faced with a problem. The company providing their service management platform wanted to start charging an additional $30,000 year for new servers. The director of the Physical Security Technology and Deacon One Card office (PSTDOC) decided that perhaps now was a good time to find a new solution and asked administrator David Cowan to head up the search.

Nordic Agency Perfectly Blend Operations and Creative with Scoro | Scoro

Aava & Bang is a communications and marketing agency with over 50 employees located in Finland. Founded in 2005, the company mainly focuses on sustainable growth marketing, communications and advertising, and provides coaching and recruitment services for companies establishing new marketing functions within their business.