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Global marketing agency automates 22 workflow steps with Scoro

Award-winning, LA-based NCompass is a global, independent, women-owned business with over two decades of experience. Today, NCompass has grown into a full-service brand engagement and marketing solutions agency, serving Fortune 200 brands across entertainment and CPG, as well as lifestyle and esports brands.


BundesMessenger is a milestone in Germany's ground-breaking vision

It’s incredibly exciting to see BWI, the IT services provider of the German Armed Forces, launching an official beta version of BundesMessenger, a secure messenger for Germany’s public administration (öffentliche Verwaltung ÖV) including federal, state and local authorities.


Leading Financial Services Provider Decreases Spend While Increasing Customer Satisfaction Using Flow Metrics

Digital financial startups are taking the market by storm, and many big banks are struggling to keep up. In a world where agility and rapid feature delivery are crucial, sprawling, siloed organizations laden with top-down processes are at a disadvantage. One of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations, faced with a rising tide of defect work and a clamour of customer complaints, decided it was time to act.

How the City of Cologne is leading the way in delivering secure and compliant digital collaboration

Government agencies are under increasing pressure to modernize their IT systems, provide better employee hybrid experiences and deliver affordable digital services to their citizens. In this immersive live session, Rene Jahnke, Solution Architect at the City of Cologne, will share how a 2,000-year-old city is driving digital transformation while ensuring data protection.

How DocuSign's research & design teams use Miro to build a customer-centric culture

In 2003, DocuSign set out on a mission to accelerate business and simplify life for companies and people around the world by offering a better way for people to sign documents electronically. And they’ve been successfully doing so for consumers and corporations across the globe ever since. As the pioneers of e-signature technology that helps to connect and automate business operations, DocuSign has revolutionized the way documents get shared and signed online.


Case Study: Improving NPS Indicators with Audit-Ready Processes for Lending Institution

With 40,000 clients, EfectivoSí is a leading financial company in Argentina focused on satisfying the needs of the unbanked sector of the population. Due to the nature of the financial business, it faces great challenges in the management of services and technology. The financial industry holds particularly rigorous policies and regulations defined by the Central Bank.