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Palo Alto Networks drives cyber security innovation with Asana

Palo Alto Networks, a name synonymous with cutting-edge cybersecurity, faced a challenge familiar to many: multiple work management systems created inefficiencies that made it difficult to scale. Their solution? Consolidate into Asana and connect their workforce. Thanks to their visionary leadership, Asana is helping define the future of work at Palo Alto Networks, where AI is an integral teammate accelerating the way work gets done.

How Deliveroo unlocked the power of Jira for customer service

Learn how Deliveroo uses Jira Service Management to support their biggest customers and restaurant integrations, delivering more than 100M food orders per year. Hear this Team 24 session covering how they’ve created connected support experiences, automated their workflows, and brought development teams closer to customers.

How Prudential Accelerates Agile Processes and Builds Trust with Miro

Discover how Prudential utilizes Miro to foster innovation and collaboration. With remote and hybrid work environments, Miro has become essential for seamless teamwork and design processes. Agile teams at Prudential leverage Miro for PI planning, retrospectives, and other agile events, promoting transparency and collaboration. By replacing traditional in-person retrospectives with Miro's dynamic interface, Prudential enhances visibility and trust within teams. The recent integration of Jira and Miro streamlines workflows, reducing overhead time and increasing employee satisfaction.

Partner testimonial - How is BigIn making the most out of Zoho Projects

BigIn, a software company from Vietnam, has been a reliant partner of Zoho for the last two years. Watch Minh from BigIn as he shares insights about how his teams and customers employ Zoho Projects for small and large scale industries, and how enterprise companies in Vietnam largely benefit from its features, while also offering a glimpse of his personal favourite feature!

How Maarifa Solutions brings order to chaos with Zoho Projects

Maarifa Solutions, a human resource and payroll management company, has reaped tangible benefits after onboarding its teams into Zoho Projects. With a cost effective solution like Zoho Projects offering a wide range of features, Maarifa Solutions has been able to single out issues and offer systematic solutions, freeing up calendars to do things that matter.

Customer Story: How Zoho Projects opened new doors of opportunities for GPBL Penser Projet

When the grim days of the COVID pandemic loomed upon us, several businesses experienced trying times, and GPBL Penser Projet was no stranger to this. But in the strong hands of Zoho Projects, the organization was able to tread the path of uncertainty, with much certainty. Watch Claude Palmarini, President of GPBL Penser Projet as she discusses the various ways that Zoho Projects has lead the company to newer avenues of opportunities.

Smart restaurant solution Lunchbox reduced 50% of its manual efforts using Zoho Projects.

Lunchbox, a smart restaurant solution provider, is on a mission to transform every restaurant's workflow to the likes of an international food chain, emulating its efficiency and capabilities. Watch Shaun Markus Lee, ambitious founder of LunchBox as he talks about how Zoho Projects, along with numerous other suites of Zoho, helped his company weather the challenges that it was presented with.

Zendesk CEO Tom Eggemeier: "There's going to be a huge evolution over the next five years [with AI]"

😯 "I think there's going to be a huge evolution over the next five years." 💡 At the @axios #AI+ Summit, Zendesk CEO Tom Eggemeier acknowledged the challenges with building confidence in #ArtificialIntelligence but argued that those fears will soon be dispelled. Zendesk makes customer service better. We build software to meet customer needs, set your team up for success, and keep your business in sync.