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Andrew Carothers on Customer Experience | Customer-Centricity, Trends in CX, Crucial Skills

Welcome back to our series where we interview influential CX Leaders. Recently we spoke to Andrew Carothers (Sr Manager, Digital Experience @Cisco) about the customer-centric business model, emerging trends in CX, crucial skills in the field - and more! "Andrew is a Senior Customer Experience leader helping companies and their partners increase customer adoption and retention, improve renewals rates, and drive growth at scale through digital engagement. Builder of award-winning strategies and programs.

Irit Eizips on Customer Success | Measuring Success, Important CS Skills, Career Advice

Welcome to our first episode in a new series where we interview influential CX Leaders. Recently we spoke to Irit Eizips (Founder, Chief Customer Officer, and CEO @CSM Practice ) about measuring success in Customer Success, important skills in the field, advice for new professionals - and more! "Irit Eizips is a world renowned thought leader who has been pivotal in shaping Customer Success methodologies and best practices. Since 2013, she has been consistently voted top Customer Success strategist and influencers.

How Analytics is a Key Skill for Women in CX | Ft. Anastasia Zdoroviak, DoorDash

Hear from Anastasia Zdoroviak (Director of Customer Experience, DoorDash) as she talks about the key skills for women transitioning into leadership roles in CX. Netomi helps companies deliver higher quality customer experiences at scale with AI.

Samsung builds a happy framework with Slack | Slack

The framework R&D group of Samsung MX is creating their own Digital HQ where they can collaborate as if they were playing a game through Slack, which can be more closely connected. "It was thanks to Slack that gave us the best solution in terms of security and productivity that we were able to improve both our performance and our organizational culture." - Sally Jeong, Vice President, Framework R&D Group, Samsung MX

Syncing customer data with Hightouch: Crafting Saas

Join Courier pigeons Nica and Shreya as we talk to Hightouch team members Mary and Andrew about how to sync customer data with Hightouch. The Courier and Hightouch integration means that you can send notifications using just a user ID and rely on the integration to find all the contact info you need for your users.