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Etched in memory: How we designed our DBaaS backup and recovery process

In this blog (Part III), we will discuss the motivation and high-level architecture of the DBaaS Backup and Recovery procedure for databases hosted on DBaaS. This blog discusses the motivations behind the Backup/Recovery process and it’s high-level design and architecture of the various components that constitute it.] These are the high-level motivations/goals for the Backup and Recovery design for DBaaS. There are two major design components.


DBaaS origins: The making of a self-hosted DB solution at Freshworks

Teams at Freshworks primarily use MySQL for their database needs. Freshworks being an AWS shop, RDS MySQL has been our primary, go-to solution. Sometime back a team was formed and tasked with building a self-hosted DB solution. We called ourselves the DBaaS (Database as a service) team and started with a DBaaS solution for MySQL. In this blog post (part I of the series) we discuss the motivation and high-level architecture of the DBaaS solution.


Tuning MySQL and the Ghost of Index Merge Intersection

Optimizing SQL queries is always fun—except when it isn’t. If you’re a MySQL veteran and have read the title, you already know where this is heading 😉. In that case, allow me to regale the uninitiated reader. This is the story of an (apparently) smart optimization to a SQL query that backfired spectacularly—and how we finally fixed it. It started off with a customer noticing that a SQL query was running slowly in their environment.


New SQL databases integration - easily add metrics from MySQL, PostgreSQL and Redshift databases to your dashboard

For all the many, many tools and services your business might be using day-to-day, there’s a good chance your most important business metrics are stored in a humble database. First developed in the late 1970s, SQL databases remain the de facto medium for logging and storing important business information, from sign-ups to stock levels - important business information that would be useful to display on a TV dashboard if only there was an easy way to do so...