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Miro and Amazon Web Services enabling the future workplace today

The recent pandemic has changed the way we work and has forced millions of people to work from home. This shift has brought an unprecedented need for businesses to collaborate virtually. Miro, an online workspace for innovation, was on the front line of this change and quickly grew from 5 million users in May 2020 to 10 million in November 2020. Thanks to AWS, Miro has been able to handle this hyper-growth and serve over 50 million users today.

Product Roundup: What's new in Rocket.Chat 6.2

We had a great start to the year and an incredible last quarter with the launch of Rocket.Chat SIX, our proudest version yet. Head to our webpage to know more about what’s new in Rocket.Chat SIX, and try it out if you haven’t already. There is no slowing down this quarter — Rocket.Chat 6.2 is live!


Introducing: Simpplr's AI-powered Employee Listening

Employee engagement is critical in our ‘quiet quitting’ world, but companies struggle to understand and connect meaningfully with an increasingly distributed workforce. This is where our real-time Employee Listening comes in. By combining passive and active listening with AI, Simpplr can help deliver and improve the workplace and employee experience.

we360 ai Version V2 Launch: The Future of Employee Productivity

‍ We're thrilled to announce the launch of V2, the latest version of our SaaS-based platform that empowers businesses to optimize their operations, enhance productivity, and streamline processes. The vision we had two years back in 2021 for our version 1 ‘Black Eye’ was the same; our new version is also poised to revolutionize employee productivity.


Courier One-Time Send is here - for everybody

We are excited to announce the official launch of One-Time Send, a powerful feature designed to simplify and expedite the process of sending one-time notifications through Courier. It's one piece of a web app redesign that we started recently (dark mode shown coming soon). Based on invaluable feedback from our customers during the closed beta, we have refined and improved One-Time Send to make it even more efficient and user friendly.


Era of intelligent CX: Zendesk to unveil new AI capabilities

The world is experiencing a defining moment for humanity: after years of advances, artificial intelligence is having its coming out party. When experts compare it to the invention of the printing press or the Internet, that’s not hyperbole. AI will revolutionise huge segments of our society, and while the full ramifications of this technology cannot be fully known – after all, AI continues to rapidly evolve – Zendesk expects it to affect every single customer touchpoint.


How $70 million Series D funding will accelerate our EX innovation

I’m proud to announce that Simpplr has raised $70 million in Series D funding led by Sapphire Ventures with participation from existing investor Norwest Venture Partners. Additional investors include Tola Capital and Salesforce Ventures. This new round of funding supports the growth of our AI-powered employee experience (EX) platform as we continue to lead the market and innovate ahead of the curve.


New Datadog integration for Courier notification logs and metrics

The ability to unify all notification metrics and logs across channels and providers into an easy-to-use dashboard is a core advantage of Courier’s notification infrastructure. However, with product notifications so critical to the entire application experience, it’s important to connect that data back to central cloud observability platforms that look across the entire stack.

craft Now Integrates with Miro and Axure is continually adding more workflow capabilities to our end-to-end product management platform. Recently, for example, we announced integrations for design tools Figma, Adobe XD, and InVision. And now, you’ll find even more visual collaboration tools integrated into your workspace — specifically Miro and the wireframing and prototyping app Axure.