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Simpplr Fall '22 Release: Jackson

Last quarter, we shared some amazing features with new hire onboarding and an upgraded newsletter offering––setting the bar for personalization enhancements. Keeping with that theme, Jackson, the Simpplr Fall ‘22 release, showcases a much-anticipated slate of new personalization capabilities designed to help organizations prioritize the employee experience.

Product Roundup: What's new in Rocket.Chat 5.1

The month of July 2022 was one of Rocket.Chat's busiest. We shipped Matrix Federation, new Video Conference Call Manager, and much more! There’s no slowing down. For August, we have some exciting features under our belt that will enhance user experience and give you more security options to fortify your business from threats. In 5.1, we have given our homepage a new look and revamped a few product user interfaces to make it more intuitive and easy to navigate.

craft Wins the 2022 SaaS Award for "Best Enterprise-Level SaaS Product"

Given how much value product teams can contribute to a company’s bottom line—in terms of making smarter decisions about what to build, and keeping the organization aligned around a shared set of strategic goals—finding the right product management software is a critical step in the path to company success. But which solution should organizations choose for their product teams?


Introducing Our Fresh New Look and Roadmap

It’s been a decade since we started TrackingTime and a lot has changed since then. Looking ahead to the next ten years, we decided to revamp our brand to keep up with our product roadmap and evolution. We know where we want to be, and we want our brand to reflect that. The result is a brand new image to match our vision for the future of TrackingTime.


An unrecognisable improvement: Element's new design is here!

Coming soon to a mobile device near you, the redesigned layout brings big changes to your Element app. With a focus on improving our users' workflows, we’ve ensured the app is cleaner, easier to browse, and faster to navigate, while keeping all the Element goodness! Over the last few weeks and months our mobile teams have been working hard researching, designing and building a new home page for both iOS and Android Element apps.

Exoprise Customers Achieve Significant ROI With SaaS and Digital Experience Monitoring

Exoprise end-user experience management solutions for Microsoft 365, SaaS, and collaboration apps deliver cost savings, increased productivity, and elevated employee experience in times of growing hybrid/mobile work.

September Update: Timesheet and Google Calendar Sync Scoro

This month we’re tweaking various aspects of time management in Scoro. From a more customizable Timesheet view and improved sync options with Google Calendar to a few smaller updates in between, we are tirelessly working on helping you plan, manage and log your time more efficiently with Scoro.