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Creating an equitable workplace culture - Interview with Suman Gopalan

This episode features an interview with Suman Gopalan, Chief HR Officer at Freshworks. Suman has spent her entire professional career in HR, holding positions at publicly traded companies like The Nielsen Company, Dell Technologies, and Whirlpool. At Freshworks, Suman pilots the global people strategy to develop and engage their employees. In this episode, Amanda and Suman examine diversity in the workplace. They discuss Suman’s passion for women in the workforce, key elements of workplace culture, and why it’s better to hire people that add to that culture versus fitting in.

Building A Customizable User Notifications Preferences Center

Respecting user preferences is crucial to building a successful web application and maintaining high engagement and user retention over time. Engineers behind Courier’s new Preferences Designer talk about their experience building this out of the box solution and demonstrate how to get it up and running in minutes.

Employee Experience: The Neglected Pillar of Future Readiness

Employee Experience: The Neglected Pillar of Future Readiness All companies are consistently working to improve both their company culture and their tech stack. However, it isn’t often that those two priorities overlap. According to Peter Fasano, a company’s ability to respond to change “lies at the intersection of technology and culture, and an organization investing in one may be woefully neglecting the other.”

GovTalk: Navigating 2023's Trends and Challenges

Executive Order to improve the Nation’s Cybersecurity, Zero Trust Initiatives, DoD Digital, and Software Modernization Strategies, are all pushing digitization and security to the top of government project schedules. Gartner predicts that worldwide government IT spending will grow 6.8% in 2023. 🚀 Government organizations are being challenged to upgrade their internal processes in order to deploy innovative new services and enable more effective collaboration, while fully protecting all users' privacy, data, and communications.