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Revenue Forecasting for a Profitable Year Ahead

If you’re facing revenue uncertainty or struggling with creating a reliable forecast, this 1-hour webinar is for you. To help you navigate the complexities of revenue forecasting, our hosts, Helen and Sander, will give you practical advice on: Creating a robust forecasting framework Avoiding common forecasting pitfalls Maintaining a realistic forecast throughout the year Automating revenue forecasting.

Distributed Work: Lessons Learned and a Look Ahead I Atlassian

Do offices matter anymore? Does remote work hurt or help teams? And what are CEOs getting wrong in the work from home debate? Global Head of Team Anywhere Annie Dean and Stanford Economics Professor Nick Bloom answer these questions and more in this video. They discuss insights from their work and conversations with executives, getting to the bottom of what matters most for effective teamwork.

How the team creating Basecamp uses Basecamp | Basecamp Office Hours

In this Basecamp Office Hours session (recorded live on February 8, 2023), Kimberly, Ashley and Chase share how the team at 37signals uses Basecamp to manage their day-to-day work. During this one-hour session, the team shows how the company uses Basecamp can be set up for company Human Resource functions, recruiting, and onboarding new employees.

Easy Ways to Enhance a Supportive Environment | The Productivity League Ep.16 |

Unlocking Team Success: Easy Ways to Enhance a Supportive Environment | Boost Productivity & Innovation Today! Dive deep into the secrets of team dynamics with our exclusive LinkedIn talk show on 'Enhancing a Supportive Environment'. Discover practical strategies from industry leaders to foster psychological safety, build trust, prevent burnout, set clear goals, promote self-care, and cultivate ownership in your team.