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Top 10 HR Tools in Bitrix24: Product Talk

Manage your team, tasks, and sales effortlessly with a free online workspace from Bitrix24. We’ve received lots of different questions from you guys since we started this series and a lot of them had to do with managing teams and companies. In this episode of Product Talk, we covered the 10 most essential HR tools in Bitrix24, including KPI, work schedules, reports, workflow automation, and lots more!

How a well-tuned Jira can change everything for your team

Jira is meant to help your team reach new heights, but a poorly tuned Jira can create daily struggles for your team. Join this session to learn tips and tricks for fine-tuning the Jira experience to streamline workflows for teams of any size. We will show you how to turn all the knobs to "11" and create a state-of-the-art Jira experience.

From teams to Portfolio: How to truly unleash the power of agility

Solving big problems in the enterprise requires the coordinated work of many teams. It also requires the discipline of many new behaviors and practices. But how can leaders put new systems in place without disrupting teams and their workflows? In short: Lean Portfolio Management. It's the way leadership can achieve a maximum flow of value through the enterprise while at the same time mitigating delays.

How to Secure Investment and Hang on to Top Talent in Platform Delivery Teams

During this on-demand webinar, David and Carmen DeArdo, Tasktop Senior Director, VSM R&D, for a conversation about how value stream management and Flow Metrics can be game-changers for platform teams in enterprise IT and how to start applying these principles internally.

Ask the Experts - Constraints vs Bottlenecks

Organizations implementing agile practices often use the word constraints and bottlenecks interchangeably, but they are in fact different and it is important to understand how. In this Ask the Expert discussion we look at how to find them, what implications they have in your development flow, and how you can address the issues they cause. We will also take a look at how you can use Jira Align to tackle your bottlenecks and constraints.

CIO Playbook: Driving Digital Transformation Success with Value Stream Management

-During this on-demand webinar with HCSC VP, Divisional Technology Officer, Russell Moss, and Tasktop VP of Product Marketing, Naomi Lurie, attendees will learn how CIOs can use value stream management to adopt a digital-first mindset and work through these challenges.

IN THE DARK: How To Prepare Your Customer Service For The Next Facebook & WhatsApp Outage

On October 5th, the world went silent for 6 hours. 🤐 The world’s top 3 social media and communications platforms were shut down completely. Suddenly, we couldn’t reach ANYONE! WE WERE CUT OFF FROM THE WORLD. What did this mean for customer support teams? Since the main reasons why customers contact businesses on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are sales and customer service, it is inevitable that organizations across the world lost money during the outage.

Managing hypergrowth with distributed front end teams

There’s a lot more to Miro than just our boards. Watch our Enterprise and Platform teams discuss how we navigated hypergrowth (scaling from 80 to 300+ engineers in less than two years) by adapting our frontend stack and engineering practices. You’ll gain insights into how we deal with changes that span multiple teams, the internal tooling we revamped to support our engineering growth, and our path to making our platform more accessible.

How design teams redefined collaboration using Miro

New collaborative tools have sprung up in the last two years — and innovative companies and organizations are choosing Miro. Watch product and design experts from Miro, Shopify, Stack Overflow, Founders Factory Africa discuss how they use Miro to navigate remote and hybrid work environments, and to drive collaboration across distributed teams. The highlights include: Miro is an online collaborative whiteboard platform for modern work, helping collocated, distributed, and remote teams work wherever and whenever.