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Incident Response

Incident Response Automation: Part 3 Playbooks

As the digital age unfolds, the challenges posed by cyber threats have exponentially amplified, revealing the undeniable importance of a robust cyber defense mechanism. Building on the foundation laid in the first two parts of this series, this segment focuses on the centerpiece of Automated Incident Response (IR) – the playbooks. These playbooks not only dictate the automated reactions to specific threats but also ensure that the response is both precise and efficient.

Incident Response Automation: Part 2 (SOAR)

Building on our deep dive into the rise of cyber threats and the evolution of Automated Incident Response in Part 1, we now venture into the practical realm of its implementation. In this segment, we’ll tackle the challenges of transitioning to automation, guide you through its seamless integration, and spotlight the unique capabilities of tools like Vivantio.

Incident Response Automation: Workflow & Prioritization Part 1

In an era where digital transformation is shaping the future of businesses, the cybersecurity landscape is undergoing unprecedented changes. Every day, news headlines flash with stories of data breaches, ransomware attacks, and sophisticated cyber espionage. With such a volatile backdrop, it’s no wonder that organizations are taking their cyber defense strategies more seriously than ever before.

Maximizing Your Incident Response Strategy With ITSM Problem Management Software

When something goes wrong in the office, it can throw off everyone’s day, especially when it comes to IT operations. Unfortunately, IT problems are bound to happen, no matter the precautions we take. That’s why the quick and effective incident response is key for IT teams, and why ITSM problem management software is a critical component in their arsenal.

Mattermost Incident Collaboration now includes improved communication, automation, and history for incident response teams

Teams are always looking for a speed advantage, and that comes from planning, crisp execution, and teamwork. To this end, we’re excited to release new enhancements to Incident Collaboration to help make life easier for DevOps teams during incident response. The Mattermost platform includes built-in Incident Playbooks with predefined response plans and task lists. Playbooks can be customized to your environment and specific use cases.