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Freshdesk + Freshstatus: Ticket Deflection During Major Incidents

It’s just a regular Tuesday morning, your customers are their usual selves and your helpdesk agents are going about their normal day. The sun is shining bright and the birds are chirping happily. Just as you were sipping your coffee, you thought that your day was going to be like any normal one. Fast forward five minutes: everything changed, and somehow it was not all that cheerful anymore. The phone lines are choking up, your Twitter is buzzing, and the birds’ chirps are drifting away.


Mattermost Incident Collaboration now includes improved communication, automation, and history for incident response teams

Teams are always looking for a speed advantage, and that comes from planning, crisp execution, and teamwork. To this end, we’re excited to release new enhancements to Incident Collaboration to help make life easier for DevOps teams during incident response. The Mattermost platform includes built-in Incident Playbooks with predefined response plans and task lists. Playbooks can be customized to your environment and specific use cases.

Webinar | Effective Incident Management: How to Improve DevOps Efficiency

During this session, Mattermost VP of Engineering Chris Overton and Customer Engineer Paul Rothrock share their experiences creating best practice incident response workflows and demonstrate how real-time messaging enables DevOps teams accelerate incident response times.

Mattermost release v5.29 is now available: Incident Management, Mattermost Cloud & more

Mattermost release v5.29 is generally available today. In addition to offering bug fixes for increased stability, the new quality release features the general availability of a pre-installed incident management application, channel moderation settings, and Mattermost Omnibus.


Incident Management in Mattermost: Creating an Incident Playbook

The idea behind Incident Management is to be ready. Not ready for anything, as that can be an unrealistic expectation, but ready to respond when the unexpected inevitably happens. DevOps teams often create incident playbooks in order to ensure they are as ready as possible to handle situations as they arise. Luckily, there is some amazing documentation on how to do just that from our friends at PagerDuty.