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How To Use Trello for Sales: Features, Templates, And Power-Ups For Successful Teams

Whether your brand makes custom tie-dyes or you’re a leading project management platform, you need your sales team operating smoothly and efficiently. Trello for sales teams is flexible, accessible, and affordable. And while you can craft the perfect workflow that uniquely works for your team, you can also get started quickly with a best practice workflow in just a few clicks.

How to measure sales productivity through the success of sales calls

From booking rep appointments to even boosting your ecommerce conversion rate, sales calls can massively impact the success of your business, which is why it’s so important to know how to measure sales productivity by the success of your calls. When the discussion of sales calls comes up, many people instantly think of cold calling (phoning prospective customers before they express any kind of interest in your product or service).

The sales engineer career path: A complete guide

Not all sales are created equal. Depending on the products, region, and size of a company, a business may require sales experts with different specialties. In 2021, Americans spent nearly $487 billion on technological products and services (a 7.5 percent increase from the previous year)—they’re expected to spend even more in 2022.

Why you need to connect sales and customer service right now

The fact is, better customer experiences are better for business. Great CX means your customers are happier, feel taken care of, and are more loyal, all of which leads to more profits. It takes the right tools and data to fuel those experiences, and a lot of it is already at your fingertips. Your customer service team knows a lot about your customers - how they actually use your products, what’s working and what’s not, and what they want to do.

Stop creating Sales dashboards in Excel

Whether it’s Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, most businesses use spreadsheet tools. In fact, if you're a small to medium sized business (SME), it’s likely that spreadsheets are your main way of tracking sales performance. However, there is one huge downside to both Excel and Google Sheets – data visualization. When it comes to visualizing your KPIs, spreadsheets are not a great tool for helping people quickly and easily understand what’s going on.

Sales development representative: SDR sales role guide

If you’re reading this, you probably have a solid idea of what’s required for a strong sales team: The question is: which members of your team are handling all of this? If you expect your sales representatives to handle this avalanche of logistics while also closing deals, you’re setting yourself up for some seriously burned-out teams and major issues with efficiency. The secret to a successful modern sales team isn’t the closers—it’s the people behind the scenes.

What exactly is direct selling? | A direct sales explainer

When someone mentions direct sales, your first thought might be of a well-intentioned friend hawking health powders and supplements for some multi-level marketing company. While technically direct selling, that image doesn’t come close to describing the impact of the direct sales model. If you’ve waited in line for the new iPhone in front of the Apple Store, you’ve participated in direct sales.

What is sales experience? Resume + interview examples

You’re looking for a sales position and scouring the job postings. But it seems like every role requires at least one year of experience, which you might not have. Before disqualifying yourself from a sales career, you should know that your experience doesn’t have to come from an actual sales job—you just need to understand how to transfer your current skill set to the position you’re applying for.

Relationship selling process and techniques | A complete guide

It may seem like technology is dominating the world of sales today. But no matter how many ways we find to digitize workflows, save time, and cut costs, nothing has been invented yet that can replace genuine human-to-human interaction. The buyer-seller relationship can be the cornerstone of customer loyalty. Plus, it’s a gold mine of opportunities for cross-selling, SPIN selling, and upselling.

How to sell anything: 11 proven, easy sales tips

We’ve all heard the saying “a good product sells itself.” If only that were universally true. People might line up for the release of the newest iPhone, but it’s not only because of the product itself. It’s also because Apple has spent decades building impeccable brand credibility, a unique customer experience, and fantastic customer support. The phone is a perk of a fantastic sales experience.