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11 Key Steps Towards Achieving a Safe Workplace

No company is immune to accidents, but certain companies, by virtue of their safety standards and procedures, are more likely than others to suffer them. By taking the right precautions, you can create a safer workplace and reduce the risk of injuries. Here are the 11 most important steps to take.

What is Offshore HR? (Benefits, Types of Services)

Human resource management is an essential part of any company as it helps monitor and support employees to realize company goals. Now, many organizations offshore HR services to enhance their overall HR process and save money. These are just some of the benefits of offshoring HR. But what exactly do you mean by offshore HR? Should your business offshore human resources? In this article, we’ll discuss offshore HR, its advantages, and the types of HR functions you can offshore.

10 Best Time Clock Software No Monthly Fee (And One Paid Option)

Once a business owner is aware of the benefits of using Time Clock Software, their most common first move is to look into one that won’t cost them anything, or will be a one time payment instead of a monthly fee. We’ve come to believe that this move is a mistake. Using a time clock system to track employee hours, at its core, is a move designed to improve accountability and profitability.

6 Trello Security Features That Safeguard The Enterprise Cloud

Businesses are investing heavily in cloud technology as work models shift to remote and hybrid. In a 2021 Flexera survey, 37% of enterprises reported an annual cloud spend of over $12 million. Workers depend on cloud apps to collaborate and produce their best work, but worries remain around company data security in the cloud. A report by (ISC)² and Cybersecurity Insiders found that 96% of organizations feel moderate to extreme cloud security concerns.

Law of Diminishing Marginal Productivity - Why Productivity Tracking Is Essential?

Productivity in the workplace is essential for any business to thrive and prosper, but to be productive, you need to ensure that your employees are working effectively and efficiently. Productivity may seem simple on the surface, but there are many elements to consider to track your productivity and increase it over time effectively.

4 Examples Of Good Customer Service In Schools And What You Can Learn From Each One Of Them

Customer service is often associated with consumer-facing companies, like Amazon or your favorite e-commerce store. When mentioned in relation to schools, it’s often overlooked. However, good customer service in schools can help build stronger ties with existing students and parents, as well as earn a reputation as a preferred educational institution that lasts for years to come.

5 workflow hacks every developer needs

Building better software and products should be the focus of every modern company. But most organizations struggle with challenges that keep their team from doing their best work — from contending with an overload of toil to a lack of cross-team collaboration. How do we ensure our developers are engaged, challenged, and moving forward in their work? We’ll look at 5 key developer workflow hacks to keep your team not just on track, but surging forward.

5 Best Time Punch Apps & Software (In-Depth Look)

In this post, we’ll start by detailing how Buddy Punch — our time punch app — can help you increase employee accountability and save time on payroll. Then, we’ll share customer reviews that speak to our software’s ease of use and excellent customer service. We’ll also share four other time punch apps and list their key features and online reviews, so you can make a better-informed decision.

Build a Better Company Culture with These Tools

A good company culture has become increasingly important to employees over the years, making it equally as important for companies looking to hire and retain employees. Digital tools like LMS, engagement platforms, work tracking software, and even a work time-keeping app can help organizations strengthen their company culture while doubling down on digital transformation at the same time.

Digital Transformation & Customer Experience: What's the Connection?

The ways in which most businesses now operate and interact with customers is drastically different from what they were a few years ago. For example, customers can research their options, learn about other brands, and make purchases all from the comfort of their own homes. And though this has meant a lot of change and adjustment for businesses, many of those changes have been for the better. This is because digital transformation and customer experience influence each other.