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10 Helpful Tips to Grow a Productive Workflow for Your Team

Productivity is vital in any workplace - it drives a company or organization towards success. A productive workflow can be achieved by following simple tips that help create an efficient working environment and team. Great things can happen when everyone is on the same page and working together efficiently. But what happens when your team's workflow starts to drag? Here are ten tips to help you get your team back on track and boost productivity.

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7 Essential Business Tools for Startups

Every multi-national company today was once a startup and to be a successful company, there are some business tools for startups. Due to the rising cost of everything, startups and SaaS companies want to minimize their costs to have enough capital to run their business further. One of the most difficult part or aspects of starting a business is finding time to devote to it. Several people have found success without dedicating a substantial amount of time to their businesses.


Startup growth-hacking strategies are not one-size-fits-all

There’s no such thing as a foolproof startup growth hack. There’s lots of talk about some of the most famous growth hacks, but they’re usually not repeatable because everyone needs to find their own magic formula: a combination of foundation-building, customer focus, timing, and luck.

Engineering at a High-Growth Startup with CTO at Hightouch, Josh Curl

Welcome to the "Hacking the Engineering Process" meetup! Data infrastructure startup Hightouch invented the category of "Reverse ETL", and grew to hundreds of customers such as Spotify and Blizzard in under two years. What's it like working on the tech behind a company experiencing such fast growth? Join us as we go through the entire technical journey, from the early MVP to a hardened system processing billions of data points a day. We'll talk about everything from systems architecture to engineering culture and hiring.

Software startups: how to avoid growing pains

We live in a time where information is everywhere. Information about everything. How to make perfect pasta. When to plant potatoes. Which exercises build muscle the fastest. Even how to start a company, and how to run it. This is all truly great stuff that blurs the lines between education and entertainment. You can learn how to do something, from an experienced practitioner, and usually for free. But the reality of software startups is almost always shielded from you.

Doing It Right From the Start: The Art of Delegation in Startups by Fiverr

In this VMUG, we partner with Eli Bogdan, who’s leading global offering and partnerships with startups and the tech ecosystem, nonprofits and other strategic initiatives at Fiverr. In this webinar, you'll learn how to set your startup up for success via the art of delegation. As a founder, you are swamped with work. You can't do it all yourself, and you shouldn't have to.

What are the ways health-tech startups can Improve Patients Experience

In the post covid era, health tech startups around the globe rose to the occasion and raised huge fundings to reshape the health care industry and some of the examples of health tech making headlines are as follows. It’s difficult to argue that human beings have reached a digital tipping point, and the patient gets benefitted from the sudden shift, whether through easier appointment scheduling or more availability of remote providers.


3 ways healthtech startups are improving the patient experience

Never has the need for practical, accessible healthcare technology been more important. In the ongoing aftermath of COVID-19, healthtech startups around the world are rising to the occasion (and raising huge funding rounds) to help reimagine the healthcare industry.