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Doing It Right From the Start: The Art of Delegation in Startups by Fiverr

In this VMUG, we partner with Eli Bogdan, who’s leading global offering and partnerships with startups and the tech ecosystem, nonprofits and other strategic initiatives at Fiverr. In this webinar, you'll learn how to set your startup up for success via the art of delegation. As a founder, you are swamped with work. You can't do it all yourself, and you shouldn't have to.

What are the ways health-tech startups can Improve Patients Experience

In the post covid era, health tech startups around the globe rose to the occasion and raised huge fundings to reshape the health care industry and some of the examples of health tech making headlines are as follows. It’s difficult to argue that human beings have reached a digital tipping point, and the patient gets benefitted from the sudden shift, whether through easier appointment scheduling or more availability of remote providers.

3 ways healthtech startups are improving the patient experience

Never has the need for practical, accessible healthcare technology been more important. In the ongoing aftermath of COVID-19, healthtech startups around the world are rising to the occasion (and raising huge funding rounds) to help reimagine the healthcare industry.

Nodemailer and the SaaS Paradox of Choice

Early stage companies are constantly evolving their product to fit the market they operate in. They reach customers to keep them engaged using a high magnitude vector that contributes to their success. Architecting the communications strategy for your product thus becomes an important problem to tackle, which in turn can cause second-order effects like having to trade off the speed of product development iterations.

Story of Chanty Team Chat App

This is a story of competing with one of the biggest names in the industry of communication tools. This is a story of how we launched Chanty, an easy-to-use team collaboration tool. And finally, this is a story of numerous startup challenges we’ve solved. I believe this story deserves your attention. Imagine a bootstrapped startup of a few fellows that is going against a SaaS giant. Add to this picture the fact that literally hundreds of apps are born in this industry each year.

A mission to empower 1 million startups

“We’re digitally re-creating our accelerator program to offer an advanced product suite designed to accelerate more startups. Miro is an indispensable part of our vision.” That’s how Giovanni Vaccari, Head of Product at Startupbootcamp, describes their mission to democratize accelerator programs on a global scale. It’s no secret that startup accelerators are highly competitive, and for good reason.

Meet five exceptional founders whose companies empower parents for success

In 2012, the United Nations General Assembly announced the first annual Global Day of Parents. Since then, June 1st has become a day dedicated to appreciating parents for their selfless commitments and sacrifices. At Asana, we’ve been intentional about fostering an inclusive environment where everyone—including parents and caregivers—feel supported and can be themselves at work.

Media relations for startups: Going beyond just press coverage

Think about this question—what is media relations? If you said, “Getting featured in the press,” you’ve only done half the job. Today, media relations isn’t just a one-time activity to attract investors, or get a customer’s attention. It ties in with your brand identity as much as marketing does. It matters where you are seen, when you are seen, how you are seen, and with whom you are seen.

10 Financial Risks Every Small Business Should Be Aware of

You’re a small business owner, but you don’t know what the most common financial risks your company might be exposed to are. Whether you are an online business or a brick-and-mortar store, without the right information you might make a bad decision. Here we explain the 10 financial risks every small business should be aware of and start planning for the future. Before we get to that, let’s review some statistics. Small businesses form an integral part of a country’s economy.