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25 most popular open source software in education

We are seeing more open source software being applied in the education industry. This is no surprise since its specific advantages make it extremely attractive for educational institutions such as schools and universities. The widespread imperative is that more investments need to be made to facilitate digital education. After the pandemic, this became apparent more than ever. This article brings you the list of the most popular open source software in education.

The ultimate list of 15 best open-source software

This open-source software list is here to save your day! Since the open-source software trend is on a high, it seems like every proprietary software that you could think of has multiple open-source alternatives - and their quality gets more impressive over time. It's getting hard to choose the right open-source solution, right? Open-source software has been attributed with some important benefits for businesses, such as increased security and transparency.

Open source collaboration software: benefits and 5 recommendations

In today’s hybrid work culture, teams need the support of a powerful collaboration tool to function efficiently. And though ample options are available in the market, open source collaboration software is gaining more popularity than ever. Why? This type of software promises better collaboration for security- and compliance-oriented teams.

Top 7 open source messaging platforms for secure communication

For remote teams, connectivity and productivity might be two faces of the same coin. Working from the office isn't a prerequisite anymore, as the global workforce has shifted to a remote workplace. Reliance on internal communication has increased more than ever, with a wide range of communication tools such as email, phone calls, and social networking used daily. Long email threads and social media chats are no longer appropriate for business teams.


Introducing Our New Guide: How to Build Your Open Source Productivity Stack

It’s no secret that open source software is an important part of many development teams’ daily workflows. But does that include productivity tools? Oftentimes, development workflows get shoehorned into the same productivity tools used by nontechnical teams—but these tools can be a poor fit for the needs of developers.

Slack open source: Top 3 reasons why companies adopt different platforms for team collaboration

Slack open source alternatives are getting a lot of attention right now. Why exactly? Well, if you were to survey the most productive teams, you’d find a common ingredient – efficient communication. That explains the rise of team collaboration tools in 2020 and mega deals happening in the industry, such as Salesforce’s acquisition of Slack. ‍However, right after adopting team communication tools like Slack, companies started to notice the downside of it.

Open source software for dummies: advantages, licenses, and examples

Open-source software is the trendiest game in town. Although open-source software has long been used by individuals for their private use, organizations started implementing more and more of it. 🔓 Companies choose to implement alternatives to proprietary software for multiple reasons, like more flexibility and fewer costs. In this article, we’ll cover all the info you need to have on open-source software: what it is exactly, what are its advantages, and common examples.

16 open-source projects to contribute to in 2022

The world of open-source is stronger than ever. As the world gets more connected, more people are interested in being a part of building amazing new technologies. However, there are many more advantages to open-source software than just that. Specifically, there is probably no better way to learn and grow as a developer than to contribute to open-source projects. But, it’s hard to choose from so many different options!

How open source software benefits public sector organizations

In the last two decades, digital transformation was one of the overarching trends in the world of business. Due to the constant technological advancements, organizations are always working on adopting new tools and finding better ways to serve customers with higher efficiency. Increased cybersecurity challenges together with the need for flexible solutions have put open source solutions on the map.

The implications of the European Commission's Open Source Strategy

Open source solutions are becoming increasingly popular due to their many benefits. Organizations use them to leverage open source code’s transparency and flexibility. Now, government-related organizations across the world are also adopting open source software. One of the most prominent European Union governing bodies, the European Commission (EC), has been supporting the use of open source for a while.