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Open Source

The implications of the European Commission's Open Source Strategy

Open source solutions are becoming increasingly popular due to their many benefits. Organizations use them to leverage open source code’s transparency and flexibility. Now, government-related organizations across the world are also adopting open source software. One of the most prominent European Union governing bodies, the European Commission (EC), has been supporting the use of open source for a while.

How open source software benefits public sector organizations

In the last two decades, digital transformation was one of the overarching trends in the world of business. Due to the constant technological advancements, organizations are always working on adopting new tools and finding better ways to serve customers with higher efficiency. Increased cybersecurity challenges together with the need for flexible solutions have put open source solutions on the map.

5 open source Intercom alternatives to consider in 2022

Intercom has become an industry standard for talking to customers via live chat. In its 10 year history, Intercom set the bar for customer engagement with SaaS businesses pretty high. However, open source challengers are on the rise. The indisputable advantages of open source software over its proprietary counterparts have experts looking for open source alternatives to Intercom, too.

10 best open source customer service software

Businesses always want to provide the best customer service possible. To do that, they need the best customer service software to decrease response time and resolve customer inquiries effectively. However, organizations sometimes face challenges while acquiring and setting up customer service systems. They want a tool tailored to their needs that supports various customer service channels, and that allows them to control their own data. These criteria is met with open source customer service software.

7 best open source helpdesk solutions in 2022

Open source helpdesk is software that offers a ticket management system. Built on open source technology, it is a great solution for offering efficient customer support. There is many helpdesk software on the market, like Zendesk, Freshdesk, or Zoho Desk. However, people have lately been looking for open source helpdesk alternatives to these solutions. Why? Because open source software has several advantages over proprietary software.

Zulip 5.0: Threaded open-source team chat

We’re excited to announce the release of Zulip Server 5.0, containing hundreds of new features and bug fixes! Zulip is an open-source team collaboration tool with unique topic-based threading that is ideal for both live and asynchronous conversations. Fortune 500 companies, leading open-source projects, and thousands of other organizations use Zulip every day. Zulip’s 100% open-source software is available as a managed cloud service or a self-hosted solution.

6 best open source healthcare software

Open source software has been used in various industries across world regions for its specific advantages. More and more open source projects are being used as viable alternatives to expensive proprietary software. In highly regulated industries such as healthcare, data privacy regulations and complex IT environments may pose a challenge to keep up with the latest technology developments. That’s why many organizations turn to open source healthcare software.

25 most popular open source software in education

‍ We are seeing more open source software being applied in the education industry. This is no surprise since its specific advantages make it extremely attractive for educational institutions such as schools and universities. The widespread imperative is that more investments need to be made to facilitate digital education. After the pandemic, this became apparent more than ever. This article brings you the list of the most popular open source software in education.

3 biggest benefits of open source in education

Open source software is making its way into education. Even though using open source software for educational purposes is nothing new, we observe an increased demand for it across higher education institutions. Why now, and why such a surge in interest? Well, there is hardly any industry that didn’t experience an impact made by the pandemic. The conclusion across the board is almost unanimous: the future is digital, and it’s approaching us at a greater speed than ever before.

Why Zulip will stand the test of time

Quill, a team chat company with $16 million in venture capital funding, was acquired by Twitter and shut down their product last week. Users were given a mere four days to export their data prior to deletion; direct messages and private channels could not be exported at all. Our sympathies go out to Quill users, whose needs were given so little consideration in this deal.