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3 brand new Time Doctor features to start 2023!

Hear from Time Doctor co-founder Liam Martin, about the three brand new features that are starting 2023 off with a bang! Learn about Time Doctor's new Paid Breaks, Self-Assigned Tasks and Executive Dashboard and how they help customers identify potential problems faster and provide more accurate metrics.

Simpplr, the AI-powered Employee Experience Platform, in 1 minute

Simpplr is the leading AI-powered employee experience platform. Organizations use our products to deliver personalized experiences that inspire and engage their employees. We do it by enabling rich communications, personalized experiences, and real-time people insights. Simpplr is ready to use, highly configurable, simple, yet powerful. Wherever people work, Simpplr enables them to flourish

Jira Work Management Monthly Minute: December-January 2023 | Atlassian

Get the latest Jira Work Management updates in our Monthly Minute. Now you can group your board by status, priority, assignee, and category. Plus, see what’s coming soon! Keep your eyes peeled for faster bulk actions in the list view and integrated calendars with Jira Software. Jira Work Management makes it easy for business teams to collaborate, align, and deliver work, all in one place.