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Salesforce Brings Slack AI to All Paid Customers, Adds Recap to Deliver Daily Morning Digests

Slack strengthens its AI-powered platform as it continues rolling out native generative AI capabilities to users, including enhanced search, channel and thread summaries, and a new recap feature. Customers like Wayfair, Beyond Better Foods, and more depend on Slack AI to stay ahead of the workday and better surface and prioritise information.

Asana Launches a New Suite of Intelligent Tools for the CIO

Asana's State of IT research reveals 77% of IT leaders feel responsible for leading AI transformation within their organisation. Deeper integrations with Microsoft 365, AI-powered reporting, and enhanced workflow capabilities all with safeguards and controls help CIOs build the right foundation for AI to drive greater ROI.

Data reveals workers are craving fewer, yet more impactful collaboration tools

Almost half (45%) of workers want more guidance from their organisation on how to collaborate effectively with teammates. 74% of workers advocate for the use of a standard set of collaboration technologies across the organisation, suggesting the recognized pains of "app sprawl".