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How Zendesk Does Knowledge Management Vol. 3 Community Event

Recently the Community hosted our 3rd KCS event where we took a look into how Zendesk handles Knowledge Management. Our experts from our Self Service Team showcased their best practices around KCS and explained the importance of the solve/evolve loop and how it can identify any gaps missed by Knowledge-Centered Support. We also sat down with customers and addressed questions live from the community on our topic of focus!

Best practices on maintaining your agent workforce

Recently the Zendesk Community showcased our best practices on how to manage & maintain your agent workforce. This is part two in our series, hosted by Cat Hurley, Director of Customer Advocacy, where she covered how to empower your team to thrive, work through growing pains as they arise, and plan ahead to handle changes in a looming turbulent marketplace. We were also joined by Jared Loman from Kajabi, who shared his expertise & experiences on our focus topic!

Zendesk Deep Dive on Messaging

In our first post Relate event, the Community team hosted a deep dive into what’s new with Zendesk Messaging. We sat down with Paul Lalonde and members of the Messaging team, where they highlighted recent product updates such as improved bot building and updates to the mobile app UI and shared a deep understanding of what Messaging has to offer. The team also hosted live Q&A addressing questions submitted by attendees on various areas of the Messaging product!

DocSend's Russ Heddleston on the importance of getting product pricing right

Since launching at New York’s TechCrunch Disrupt back in 2014, DocSend was acquired by Dropbox in March 2021 and has brought on over 20,000 customers. In our Season 5 opener, Adam sat down for a virtual coffee with Co-Founder Russ Heddleston to get the lowdown on.

Boosting productivity and revenue with Sell through automation

On March 24th the Sell team led a community event showcasing the newest in automation from Zendesk Sell! Here they shared an introduction to the newly released Sales Triggers and demoed helpful tips on how to level up productivity and boost revenue. Timecodes Event Presentation & Documentation Articles.