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Why sustainability needs to be every business' top priority: An interview with Miro Principal Product Evangelist Bram Jonker

Whether it’s reported in the news or discussed in the boardroom, environmental concerns are top of mind these days — and sustainability is increasingly influencing how companies do business, what projects they’re prioritizing, and how they plan for the future. We spoke with Bram Jonker, Principal Product Evangelist at Miro, to learn how organizations are leveraging innovation to tackle this complex challenge.

Sustainable practices to boost operational efficiency

It’s not enough to save money and use resources wisely in today’s fast-paced business world; operational efficiency also means building businesses that will last. Operational efficiency refers to how well a company can lessen its impact on the environment while still making the most money and getting things done. This two-pronged method not only helps the environment, but it also follows the stricter environmental rules that are becoming the norm and cuts costs.