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Cingulum Health Uses OneDesk to Enhance their Patient Management Workflow

For the Cingulum Health team, the highest level of patient care and attention is a must. We recently spoke to the practice manager at Cingulum Health whose clinic has recently switched over to using OneDesk. With OneDesk’s combination of support and project management features, this leading clinic has been able to streamline their operations, allowing them to focus on providing the best patient care.

10 Help Desk Metrics to Measure Support

Help desk metrics, also called help desk KPIs, are quantifiable indicators, such as charts, graphs, or reports used to measure the performance of your support. Help desk metrics are crucial to tracking the performance of your team and ensuring you are providing quality service. You can use help desk metrics to measure support in virtually any industry. If you perform services for customers or internal end-users, you should consider using the following help desk metrics to measure support.

Block of Hours Agreement

A block of hours agreement can be referred to by a number of other terms, such as a block of time, block contract, or prepaid hours agreement. Some client billing agreements involve invoicing upon completion of a project, or on a monthly or other scheduled basis. In most of these cases, the billing occurs after completion of some work. With a block of hours agreement, the company receives payment from a client prior to the completion of work, for a specified price and number of hours.

Use AI to Improve Customer Support

Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT, have been a popular topic lately. Many businesses and clients are experimenting and exploring the use cases of how AI can be used in their industry. For instance, AI can be used for customer support by integrating it into ticketing and chat features. If you’re not already sold on the idea of using AI, let’s consider some of the uses and benefits of using AI for customer support processes.

Styling & Whitelabeling Your OneDesk App

Want to configure the appearance of your OneDesk app to fit your company or preferences? Premium and Enterprise members of OneDesk can now White Label their web application via the Style tab in Company Preferences. To access this feature, navigate to More Applications > Administration > Company Prefs. > Style. Here you can change the colors as well as the logo that appears for users of your OneDesk account.

Introducing: Odie OneDesk's AI Assistant

The March 2024 release of OneDesk has brought an exciting new feature — Odie the Ai-powered assistant! Odie (‘OD’) is a Chat-GPT-like AI tool integrated with OneDesk’s messenger and customer-facing applications. The AI uses advanced and modern technology such as large language models (LLMs) and generative AI to make suggestions, generate replies, and answer customer queries. Odie is a personalized assistant, meaning its answers are trained on your own content.

Help Desk for Education - Why You Need One and What to Look For

When thinking of a help desk, the immediate association often leans towards IT teams or businesses dealing with customer inquiries. However, the utility of a help desk goes beyond these realms, proving valuable for any organization handling requests or inquiries. A help desk for education can help streamline requests no matter where the requests come from. In educational institutions, a help desk serves dual purposes.