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Achieving Cross-Team Alignment: Best Practices for Synchronizing OKRs

One of the most valuable attributes of the Objectives and Key Results prioritization framework – and why we’re so thrilled that we’ve incorporated OKRs into the platform – is how effectively it can help you bring together different departments across your company to work productively toward shared big-picture goals. Most of the other prioritization frameworks you’ve heard of – weighted scoring, the MoSCoW method, RICE, etc.

How to Prioritize Your OKRs

As a product professional, you know the dilemma well: You always have more ideas for your product than you have the resources, budget, or time to execute on those ideas. The same challenge, unfortunately, holds true for the broader business objectives you have in mind for your product – the marketing goals, sales goals, media goals, etc. No product team ever has enough resources to simultaneously achieve every business objective it thinks up. Now Integrates with Lucidchart

More than any other software tool you’ll find, can help your organization centralize your product content companywide in a seamless, end-to-end environment. The native platform provides intuitive tools that connect roadmapping, backlog management, prioritization, feedback analysis, dependencies management, capacity planning, and other key workflows.

Product Leaders: Here's Why Spreadsheets Are Undermining Your Product Management Efforts!

Under the right circumstances and when used for their intended purposes, spreadsheets are among the most useful and impressive software tools ever developed. So, let’s get that out of the way upfront — we at aren’t spreadsheet haters or skeptics. #GoSpreadsheets! In fact, we use them internally to build and manage our business. We just don’t use spreadsheets for our product work. Because… time and place.

Shift Your Company to a Product Mindset (Webinar Video Included)

For many businesses selling SaaS software and other modern tech solutions, the product mindset is built right into the corporate culture. But companies in older industries, such as bricks-and-mortar retail stores, have yet to embrace the product mindset – or, in many cases, even the product management role in general.

The Essential Skills Every Product Manager Needs to Succeed

Product managers are responsible for defining the product strategy, delivering value to customers, building roadmaps, and driving direction. They also drive alignment between multiple teams to bring a product vision to life. That sounds like a lot to juggle! Product is certainly not easy, so how can you ensure you’re set up for success?

How Product Design Teams Can Use

As the industry’s favorite end-to-end platform for product organizations, we have been listening to our business customers around the world adding more ways for product teams to benefit from our platform. For example, we recently released integrations for Figma, InVision, and Adobe XD, to allow product designers to embed their wireframes and journey maps right into the relevant items in for their product management coworkers to review.