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Hybrid Work

How To Tighten Cybersecurity For Remote And Hybrid Teams

Human error can open up your business to serious security vulnerabilities. Add security for hybrid or remote businesses presents extra challenges. Think third-party applications and slow response times from workers in scattered time zones on flexible schedules, and IT has a long row to hoe. In one 2021 IBM report, the average data breach costs $4.24 million, plus $1.07 million more when remote work is the reason behind the breach. And, 17.5% of companies report cyberattacks due to remote work.

7 Ways To Make A Hybrid Workplace Less Exhausting

Some employees want to work remotely, others want to work in the office, and many want the choice and flexibility of both. That’s the hybrid workplace in its simplest form. Trello has spent decades establishing the tools of hybrid teams and navigating its challenges and solutions. To make your hybrid workplace less tedious and exhausting, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Rather, you just need the infrastructure, resources, and lessons of our experience and expertise.

Creating A Hybrid Workspace Strategy

The global pandemic has opened up the door to challenges in many workplace environments. But with challenges also come opportunities. Many companies have had to create hybrid workplace plans to ensure work productivity doesn’t slow down. The development of the hybrid workplace strategy is a win-win for employees and businesses. This strategy offers the flexibility of working from home or the option of working on-site if the employee needs focus and a routine.

CIO Classified: Helping employees thrive in the hybrid workplace

With technological innovation accelerating faster than ever—and the pandemic entering a new phase—CIOs have never faced more uncertainty and complexity. That’s why we’ve partnered with Caspian Studios to sponsor Season 3 of the CIO Classified podcast. CIO Classified is a podcast for CIOs, decision-makers, and technology leaders that want to push their business forward and stay on the cutting edge.

Should Your Company Implement a Hybrid Work Model?

The term “work from home” isn’t something new. Yet, it has come under highlight as the coronavirus pandemic kept billions homebound. Now, as vaccines kick in, companies find themselves experimenting with various options, including the hybrid work model. Even before the pandemic, various businesses find new challenges arising this century. Some examples include technology disruptors forcing companies to rework entire business models and the increasing risk of data theft.

Six things we're learning about thriving in a hybrid work environment

Over the past couple of years, the pandemic – and numerous lockdowns – have significantly reshaped the way we work. Now, as many of us return to the office once more, employers must continue to focus on the mental wellbeing of their employees. There’s been much discussion recently about the Great Resignation – the large number of employees leaving, or considering leaving, their jobs.

How Public Sector Hybrid Workforces Benefit from Productivity Monitoring

As many companies and organizations are returning to work, public sector employers face uncertainty about potentially permanent hybrid working models. Combat uncertainty with Workpuls - increase productivity and level the playing field between remote and in-office workers.

Working Hybrid In 2022? Here's What You Need To Reconsider

According to a report by Microsoft, around 70% of workers expect the remote work ecosystem to continue. The report further adds that 65% of them are looking for more in-person time with their colleagues. These contrasting trends point out that a working hybrid ecosystem is the reality of modern times that is here to stay in the long run.

The Future of Work: Miro's Vision for Hybrid Teams

Companies worldwide are carefully reopening their offices and embracing a hybrid model — with employees working some days in the office and some from home or elsewhere. For hybrid to be effective and inclusive, those companies need a clear POV and a detailed plan. Here’s ours, as discussed by our leaders. Watch Miro’s Head of Operations Grisha Pavlotsky and Head of Product Varun Parmar talk about the key considerations as we design the next phase of work and how our product strategy works to ensure that our hybrid experiences are inclusive and engaging.

Workplace Jargon - It's time to go; Slack commissions workplace communication habits survey

The growing secret to successful hybrid work? Informal chats, emojis and gifs! New data from a national survey of 2,000 remote and hybrid workers illustrates a preference for more informal and emotive communication. A finding that holds true across millennials and Gen Xers.