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Best Practices for Implementing Microsoft Teams QoS

Microsoft Teams has emerged as a vital communication and collaboration platform for modern workplaces. As organizations increasingly rely on Teams to conduct meetings, share files, and collaborate on projects, ensuring a seamless user experience becomes paramount. To achieve this, the implementation of effective Quality of Service (QoS) measures is crucial.


How to Monitor Microsoft Teams Key Metrics

The pandemic has made Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) Platforms like Microsoft Teams essential for remote work. As organizations rely on Teams (and similar applications) for meetings, user experience becomes critical. Many DEM solutions promise effective Microsoft Teams monitoring. However, many such solutions lack data acquisition to measure and quantify results.


Network Overhead, Latency with Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) has become an area of focus for Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) vendors. As businesses adopt SASE or security-as-a-service technology for compliance and security, they must consider the overall employee digital experience. SASE architectures add network overhead and impact performance, response times, and latency. In this article, we will delve into.


Exoprise Digital Workplace Insight 2023

In the constantly shifting sands of the IT landscape, keeping pace with the rapid technological advancements and fluctuating economic conditions is a challenge that IT professionals face daily. The Exoprise Digital Workplace Insight 2023 Survey provides a crucial barometer for these changes, offering a comprehensive view of the industry through the lens of those who navigate its complexities every day.


Optimize Core Web Vitals for SaaS and Custom Apps

A set of metrics known as Core Web Vitals have become key indicators of website performance and user satisfaction. Monitoring and optimizing these metrics for web pages can be challenging. Today, we learn how to use synthetic and real-user monitoring to measure, analyze, and improve Core Web Vitals. Delivering a smooth user experience plays a pivotal role in determining website application success.


Monitoring Single Page Applications with Synthetics and Browser-based RUM

Businesses today are increasingly dependent on Single Page Applications (SPAs) for better user experiences. A Single Page App is when a user loads a web document and the application then updates different parts of the page with background requests. This is opposed to the more traditional Multi-page Applications (MPAs) where each click loads a different web document. Like the way you’re (hopefully) reading different pages on this web server.

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Service Watch and Desktop Virtualization

This article covers the benefits and instructions for deploying Service Watch Desktop for end-user devices and Desktop Virtualization platforms such as Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, or Amazon Workspaces. The use of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is on the rise because of remote work, and increased need for security, and outsourcing. The rise of these environments brings the need to proactively monitor and troubleshoot remote virtual desktops - there are lots more moving parts, for sure.


Improving Trace Data For Azure Virtual Desktop

The Microsoft infrastructure makes collecting network traces more complicated. Network traces (tracert) inside and out of the Azure Virtual Desktop virtual machine are valuable when diagnosing support issues or when an end-user calls up complaining of poor Azure Virtual Desktop performance. The following information should help improve the collection of network traces and trace data, which will aid in diagnosing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure connectivity.


Enhancing Microsoft Intune With Digital Experience Monitoring

Organizations today rely on mobile device management (MDM) solutions to secure and manage corporate resources across a diverse range of devices. One such platform is Microsoft Intune, which offers security, patch, and access control features for mobile and desktop devices. Today, we look at Microsoft Intune and how Exoprise Service Watch helps customers ensure Intune is working well.