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Community Open Call August 2022 - Apps Engine, Demo.App, Chuck Norris App and more!

Rocket.Chat’s App.Engine is a framework that allows developers to create self-contained apps that are capable of interacting with its host system. These apps can deliver a variety of extended features as well as integrations with all sorts of external systems. Bot and Channel Connectors, Video Conferencing Providers, SlashCommands, Endpoints, Hooks and Events. What you can - and can’t do - with those frameworks?

Rocket.Chat's Roadmap Reveal #2: What's In Store for The Rest Of 2022

One of the biggest questions we get from our community is: ‘What’s in the roadmap!?’ That’s why we’re giving you full access to Rocket.Chat’s roadmap. Join Rocket.Chat’s CEO and founder, Gabriel Engel, and VP of Product, Chris Skelly, as they walk you through what’s next for the world’s largest open source communications platform in 2022 and, most importantly, why. And... that’s not all. We really want your input. We will be taking questions and feedback live so we can continue to build together.

Rocket.Chat and Nextcloud Integration: Your Open Source Digital Collaboration Hub

The COVID-19 pandemic hugely accelerated digital collaboration in businesses across industries and geographies. We’re all familiar with working from home and, for the most part, the companies we work for have learned to adapt. As a result, cloud-based proprietary code platforms such as Office 365, Dropbox, and Slack have and continue to explode in popularity. Here’s the catch though: By using these platforms, all of your data, communication, and digital lives will be (or already are) at the mercy of big corporations without control, privacy and with a huge vendor lock-in.

Building In-App Chat With Rocket.Chat

Uber, Reddit, Facebook, your banking app, healthcare app. Every app thrives on the back of a strong chat experience. Building chat capabilities into your app, though, is a massive undertaking. (Don’t even get me started on maintaining those capabilities.) If in-app chat is in your roadmap, this session is 100% for you.