Roadmap Reveal: How Rocket.Chat v6.5 Grants You More Choice

Roadmap Reveal: How Rocket.Chat v6.5 Grants You More Choice

📅 Date: Sep 27, 2023

Time does fly when you’re building the most widely deployed open-source collaboration platform in the world. Can you believe it’s been 5 months since Rocket.Chat SIX was released?

From then to now, many exciting features and apps have been released, including an actionable moderation dashboard, a new Chat GPT app, a MS Team bridge, over 25 overall enhancements, and much more.

Well, hold on to your (astronaut) helmets, because Rocket.Chat v6.5 is knocking at your virtual door!
So… what does that mean to our users? 🤔

The goal of this new version is to provide a better experience to our users and allow smaller workspaces to enjoy Rocket.Chat’s premium features.

Connect directly with Rocket.Chat’s leadership: Join the conversation with our CEO, Gabriel Engel, and Chief Product Officer, Chris Skelly, on September 27th as they go live to give you firsthand details on this new version.

Annnndddd… that’s the only spoiler we’re gonna give you. For now. 😜 Save your seat to receive the upcoming updates and join us live.