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Slack open source: Top 3 reasons why companies adopt different platforms for team collaboration

Slack open source alternatives are getting a lot of attention right now. Why exactly? Well, if you were to survey the most productive teams, you’d find a common ingredient – efficient communication. That explains the rise of team collaboration tools in 2020 and mega deals happening in the industry, such as Salesforce’s acquisition of Slack. ‍However, right after adopting team communication tools like Slack, companies started to notice the downside of it.

Open source software for dummies: advantages, licenses, and examples

Open-source software is the trendiest game in town. Although open-source software has long been used by individuals for their private use, organizations started implementing more and more of it. 🔓 Companies choose to implement alternatives to proprietary software for multiple reasons, like more flexibility and fewer costs. In this article, we’ll cover all the info you need to have on open-source software: what it is exactly, what are its advantages, and common examples.

Tips and tools for effective remote collaboration

Remote collaboration is the process of working together towards a common goal while being physically apart. It is the staple of digital workplaces and is a must-have in the time of remote and hybrid work. The world of work now implies a dispersed workforce and team collaboration is an essential ingredient in business success. Yet, many organizations struggle to implement effective remote collaboration.

7 ways to establish an empowering collaborative culture in your workplace

The benefits of team collaboration are clear. Employees can do more and perform better when they work together towards a common goal. Working collaboratively brings out the best in each employee and they take pride in knowing that they are part of a team. As a result, employees are happier and less stressed, which increases engagement.

What is asynchronous messaging?

Messaging is how most of us communicate in our daily lives nowadays. But do you know the difference between synchronous and asynchronous messaging? Do you know that you do both? We communicate asynchronously with our friends, coworkers, and customer service agents. Find out the benefits of this communication method and why you should introduce it as your customer support channel.

15 best chat platforms in 2022

Probably one of the three: an app to talk to coworkers, an app to talk to your friends, or an in-app chat where you engage in conversations with customers. Due to the newest Digital Markets Act issued by the EU Parliament and Council, the Big Tech gatekeepers will have to open their APIs to interoperate with other messaging platforms. This means that users will have more choice: they will not be limited to use the household name just because others use it.

Product Roundup: Improved mobile app, admin and Marketplace interface and UX

This quarter, we've worked hard to improve all product areas with new functionalities and enhancements. Continue reading to learn more about the latest features and improvements in team collaboration, omnichannel, and Marketplace. ‍

10 best team communication apps to use in 2022

Team communication apps are essential to successful digital workplaces. Remote workers around the world depend on communication with their colleagues to effectively collaborate on important projects. Today, we’re surrounded by numerous workplace technologies. Yet, it seems like the simple instant messaging apps have made the most impact on our remote and digital work experience. There are numerous team communication apps on the market today.

White label messaging app: 5 benefits and best practices

Organizations know the power of communication, and they also know the power of branding. That’s why they’re increasingly looking to purchase white label messaging apps. These apps allow them to connect with their customers or enable their employees to connect internally via instant messaging. Messaging apps can also be implemented as an in-app chat to guide users through the app or website.