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8 strategies to ensure communication security

The rise of modern technologies enabled people to communicate more easily than ever before. We communicate in a variety of channels, like chat, voice and video calls, and emails. However, the new, digital ways to communicate also made communication security and data privacy big concerns for all parties involved.

Cloud vs. on-premise security: Who wins?

Software as a service (SaaS) and cloud-based tools have become critical for companies to stay competitive and agile. Modern Saas tools, like Salesforce, have become crucial for companies to collaborate efficiently. Public cloud providers have made it easy for businesses to use these tools. However, this shift to the cloud has led to some serious cybersecurity challenges. The data security parameters have shifted from traditional, on-premise security to cloud-first.

The 6 best HIPAA-compliant patient communication platforms

Patient communication platforms are management systems that pull every bit of information about patients (including all previous communication) located in multiple channels in a single window. Clinics and other healthcare-related businesses use them to improve patient experience and increase operational efficiency. Today, patients want a different way of communicating with their healthcare providers.

The 10 best communication tools for enterprise businesses

Running an enterprise is no walk in the park. It could get overwhelming with more workforce, resources, and bigger goals. Streamlining communication and ensuring transparency can help smoothen enterprise businesses' workflow. This is where your choice of enterprise communication tools comes in. Ensuring smooth dialogue in an enterprise might seem like a mammoth task, but it isn’t impossible.

Why is zero trust a good thing when it comes to cybersecurity?

Today’s cybersecurity environment is complex. As it seems that the world is becoming more open and trusting, organizations are doubling down on security measures. A zero-trust approach is common among security-oriented organizations. Why is zero trust a good thing? We’ve asked an expert: Ian Mortimer, Senior VP of Technology at Pexip. There are countless important conversations, critical decisions, and strategic discussions happening right now over video technology.

5 best unified communications software systems

Have you ever wondered about the importance of unified communications software for your organization? After the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more companies are accepting hybrid or remote approaches to working, fueling the need for secure and reliable unified communications software to increase team productivity. How teams interact with each other and communicate with customers has become more complex. This article outlines the best unified communications software for your organization.

Organizational security: How to keep your data safe?

Online business risks are ever-increasing as we move further into the digital age. Cyber threats are becoming increasingly common, so taking proactive steps to reduce attacks is important. One way to do this is by implementing a robust organizational security policy that covers all possible vulnerabilities. Data security is essential for businesses that deal with sensitive information regularly.

The top 7 collaboration tools for software development teams

Working remotely doesn’t have to decrease overall team productivity. . Teams can get on the same page to maximize business output with the help from reliable collaboration software. This is especially true for software development teams whose work is highly collaborative. Collaboration tools can elevate the quality of developers’ work by saving precious time and increasing productivity.

How banks and financial institutions can improve customer retention and engagement

Financial Services is undergoing a major digital transformation. Technological advances are changing the very core of the business - making transactions and related processes automated. With automated and digitalized services, banks and other financial organizations are looking for effective ways to retain old and attract new customers. Research suggests that FinServ organizations will be able to differentiate themselves from others with the quality of customer service.