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How AI will transform employee and clientexperiences in wealth management?

By Yohan Lobo Although topics such as inflation, market volatility, and interest rate mayhem are top of mind for most wealth managers, the evolving AI revolution is making the industry stand up and take notice. But forward-thinking wealth management firms aren't necessarily asking the typical headline-making questions: Will AI take my job? Can we trust AI? Will AI take over the world? Rather, firms are asking: How can we leverage AI to create a superior client and employee experience?

Top challenges customers face when adopting a new document management system

When Innisfree M&A found out their previous document management platform would be discontinued thanks to a corporate merger, the New York-based stakes shareholder engagement firm knew they needed to act quickly and deliberately to ensure a smooth migration of their valuable data. The lesson Innisfree learned in the process?

How Client Information Management can help win your firm more business

Legendary NFL coach Vince Lombardi is credited with coining the iconic blurb “Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing.” While Lombardi may not have been the first one to say it, the message nevertheless resonates with professional services firms from accountancies to financial services to consultants—winning new clients (and retaining current ones) is everything.

How to streamline your contract creation process with help from your clients

Those who are tasked with drafting contracts recognize the frustration of wasting time to get all the needed information before drafting a contract. Both law firms and in-house counsel have clients who need contracts—customers of the law firm or those in businesses relying on the company’s legal department for their contracting needs.

Document automation and legal design: A discussion

In September 2022, current M-Files Vice President of Ment Kaisa Kromhof discussed how document automation impacts legal design with Hannele Korhonen, founder of Lawyers Design School. The discussion was recorded before Ment joined M-Files and offers some keen insights into the history of Ment prior to the acquisition as well as some deeper insights into the legal tech world. For a transcript of the talk feel free to access it here.

Are your data agreements compliant?

Note: The following blog post originally appeared on the M-Files Ment website in late 2022—before the deadline of changes to Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) went into effect. However, we’re featuring this post to help those who may still have questions or concerns about SCCs changes. Changes to data protection regulations is an ever-evolving continuum across all continents.

Document automation doesn't have to be a nightmare

What’s the worst parts of your organization’s “manual document drafting” nightmares? Perhaps it’s those NDAs that you wish were automated or those Data Processing Agreements that you need to do before new regulatory deadlines take effect. The good news? There is a better way—an automated way. But, what are some of the considerations you’ll need to think about when looking at document automation for the first time?

5 non-tech tips to get the most of out of document automation

As global disruptions continue to make headlines, it’s never a bad idea to learn how to maximize effectiveness across all your business processes, including document automation. What follows are a few tips on how to prepare for and make the most of document automation, and by extension the efficiencies that can be absorbed from it.

Scaling to great heights with M-Files Ment

M-Files Ment is a dynamic no-code document automation platform that allows users to automate documents in minutes – without requiring technical resource. One of its unique qualities is that it allows users—for example, lawyers—to produce templates easily through its 100% no-code visual interface with minimal training. You can pick it up easily and run with it, allowing users to scale their team’s automated documents quickly and at reduced cost.