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Evolution of The Windows Experience Index and Reliability Monitor

As technology advances, operating systems play a vital role in providing a seamless user experience. Microsoft’s Windows OS has been at the forefront, constantly introducing innovative features over time. Two features related to improving the end-user digital experience are the Windows Experience Index (WEI) and Reliability Monitor. These measurements have become instrumental to Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) in assessing system capabilities and measuring stability.

7 Windows Productivity Tips you Can't Live Without

For most working professionals, improving productivity means decluttering their diskspace or downloading a slew of Chrome extensions. However, for those who work in the IT field, productivity is synonymous with maximizing every tool available to perfectly juggle between tasks. Since most IT professionals prefer Windows OS, we’re about to explore some handy Windows productivity tips to help you reduce distractions and optimize your workflow.

Windows 11 Upgrade? Try Digital Experience Monitoring

It feels like yesterday but believe it or not; it’s been over six months since Windows 11 was officially launched in the market. To be precise, the operating system came out on October 5, 2021. Compared to Windows 10, Windows 11 is packed with enhanced security features and provides faster access to services you already use, such as Microsoft Teams, Skype, the (new) Edge browser, and more. Most importantly, the OS centers on hybrid work and digital experience to empower remote learning.

7 Best Time Clock Software for Windows 10

Statistics collected over the past 10 years paint a clear picture: Windows has always been the most popular operating system across a variety of devices, including personal computers, tablets, and consoles. And, for more than one reason! Windows has always stood out from the competition thanks to an easy-to-use interface and unparalleled compatibility with a wealth of other apps and software.

RDS and RDP Monitoring

Monitor the entire RDS, RemoteApp and VDI stack with continuous login simulation from anywhere in your network. Monitoring Server Based Computing environments with just performance counters isn't enough. To fully evaluate the entire application delivery installation, IT architects must synthetically exercize the components and measure the end-user experience. CloudReady RDP sensors enable logon simulation with no changes to the servers. The RDP sensors capture, read and analyze the screen to record application launch times like a real end-user would.